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Chapter 11: The Great Deluge

It is not difficult to believe Nephilim overreached in viewing themselves as earthly gods, given the great size and strength that these giants must have possessed, pitted against the average size of a man of that time, in addition to their immortal spirits. Nephilim were easily capable of dominating life at that time, and every form of cultural structure by force. Ergo, they became the leaders of the ancient world, systematically enslaving the peoples and imposing their wills and ways…

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Chapter 12: Azazel: Leader Of The Watchers

Archons were referred to in The Hypostasis of the Archons as rulers of unrighteousness, again testifying to those angels as being fallen angels, the celestial Mafia. These unholy rulers called themselves gods, and they impiously lusted to create sons like God. They, of course, are the false gods of polytheism and the false gods the Bible speaks of. In fact, one ruler in particular, Sacla, called himself the god of the forces of Saboith,24 or Sabaism, the cult of the…

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Chapter 13: Lucifer’s Revenge

This, then, elucidates why Jesus visited the imprisoned fallen angels in the Abyss. Jesus went as proof and Judge that humankind, through Jesus, would, indeed, rise to a higher authority than angels. He bore witness to the impassioned fallen angels that the end had now already been written, even though the fallen angels will be released in the last days to reap havoc upon the earth with the Antichrist and False Prophet. All that is left for the fallen angels…

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