Chapter 10: Enochian Mysricism

genesis6-section1-chap10It is the Hermes form of mysticism that is referred to when modern masonry is stated to be rooted in pagan Mysteries that include religious rituals and ceremonies. Those rituals and ceremonies included secret worship that was branded as the Mysteries or mysticism. Craft legends demonstrate that Freemasonry believes mysticism was thought to have been invented in Egypt, 10 but this is simple confusion. Hermes first invented the renewed form of mysticism at Babel and then carried it off with him to Egypt, where it took on a slightly different style of mysticism than that of the Chaldeans, but Hermes was the father of both.

Egyptian mysticism was famous for its secret ceremonies and rituals that were designed to teach doctrines to lead believers into Sabaism, the worshipping of the sun, moon, and stars, the religion of Enoch the Evil. The secret doctrines, knowledge, and gods were known only by the Secret Snake Order. Romans and Greeks did exactly the same. 11 This was very common in all the polytheistic religions from those in India to the Druids.

Druids cultivated arcane knowledge and sacred wisdom; they were central to their Celtic education. 12 Druid is thought to have derived from dar , meaning “oak,” and uid , meaning “hidden, 13 concealed, secret, or illicit knowledge from creation.” Like Hermes, Druids interceded as religious officials between this world and the gods; they received and held knowledge of the past, present, and future, acting as guardians for the Celtic tradition and knowledge. 14 This is the reason Dr. Oliver states that masonry was engaged in communicating abstruse doctrines of religion and philosophy. 15

Secrecy was the key to those religions. Secret worship was called mysticism. Religious truths were, and are, concealed within the secret rituals and ceremonies, guarding them from common inspection. They were, and are, only taught in secret societies, known only to the initiates. Not only was secretive knowledge taught within the confines of these secret societies, the elite would also worship in secret, separate from the lower- level initiates, with even more secretive rituals to the pantheon of gods that sponsored those corrupt religions. The secrets were required to be housed in secret societies to teach only the elite, for the knowledge contained within the heart of the religion was considered improper to be taught to, or known by, the masses or lower initiates. 16 Secret societies, and societies within societies, were, and are, Enoch’s ancient style of mysticism.