Chapter 12: Azazel: Leader Of The Watchers

genesis6-section1-chap12Archons were referred to in The Hypostasis of the Archons as rulers of unrighteousness, again testifying to those angels as being fallen angels, the celestial Mafia. These unholy rulers called themselves gods, and they impiously lusted to create sons like God. They, of course, are the false gods of polytheism and the false gods the Bible speaks of. In fact, one ruler in particular, Sacla, called himself the god of the forces of Saboith,24 or Sabaism, the cult of the stars and the planets and the antediluvian religion of Enoch the Evil.

Just as in the varied legends of pantheism, such as the Atrihasis Epic of Mesopotamia, those unrighteous rulers were mythologized as gathering together to plot the destruction of humankind, after humankind began to multiply 25 and just as Genesis recorded, through a cataclysm known all too well as the flood. Enoch cited this gathering of apocalyptic angels as the beckoning of God to do His will.26 Only Noah, according to the Gnostic gospels, was spared through the heroic efforts of an archon known as the ruler of the forces, likely Sacla, 27 but this warning by an archon was likely delivered to one of his progeny, a Nephilim, or a selected survivor from the people of day six, rather than to Noah. Noah was warned, but he was warned by God and not an archon. 28

Likely the most infamous of the watchers was/were Azazel and/or Shemyaza, the chief watcher(s) . 29 They were the leaders of the 200 and were the original one or two angels to ask permission from God to dwell among the humans, according to Knight and Lomas. 30 It was Azazel who was charged, according to the book of Enoch, with teaching humankind the skills of war, the art of jewelry, and all forms of conceit and arrogance. 31 The exact same charge was recorded in War in Heaven, The Book of Megadriel . 32 Azazel was also charged with teaching the arts of jewelry, make- up, metalwork, and medicine, along with promiscuity and illicit sexual pleasure. 33