Chapter 13: Lucifer’s Revenge

genesis6-section1-chap13This, then, elucidates why Jesus visited the imprisoned fallen angels in the Abyss. Jesus went as proof and Judge that humankind, through Jesus, would, indeed, rise to a higher authority than angels. He bore witness to the impassioned fallen angels that the end had now already been written, even though the fallen angels will be released in the last days to reap havoc upon the earth with the Antichrist and False Prophet. All that is left for the fallen angels is to ensure that as few as saints as possible reach salvation.

Continuing, Satan grew very jealous of Adam, causing Michael to order Satan to bow down, but Satan refused. 31 Satan refused to pay homage before a creature made of dust, 32 and a mammal at that. The Qur’an noted Iblis’s refusal to bow to Adam in several of its scriptures, 33 noting that Satan, a being of fire, would not worship a mortal made of clay. Satan was then banished from heaven but was provided respite from the fires of hell by God until judgment day so that he could lead as many humans astray as possible. 34 Iblis was noted as one of the disobedient ones, 35 indeed, suggesting others followed Iblis out of heaven to plot their poorly planned revenge against the descendants of Adam.

Satan grew so jealous, according to Gonzales- Wipper, that he plotted Adam’s destruction with ferocious cunning, as Satan’s first revenge. 36 God accused Satan, in the Qur’an, to be the sworn enemy and the deceiver of humankind, which was further underscored by Satan’s refusal to bow down to Adam. 37 Thus, in the literature of author William Young, creation was then broken (by Satan) through humankind’s free choice, the choice to seek knowledge through independence, separate and away from God 38 Satan’s first revenge.

Satan, the seraphim, serpent- like cherub, employed a snake to trick Eve and Adam through Eve, through consuming the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil so that they could become like gods. 39 The Qur’an additionally notes Satan fooled Adam and Eve through persuading them that God was deliberately preventing them from becoming immortal, 40 like other beings, such as angels and God Himself.