Chapter 17: Atlantis

genesis6-section2-chap17Berosus wrote that Babylon was utilized allegorically by the Chaldean priests for an antediluvian city, the “first city” of cities, which could only have been Atlantis. In fact, Frank Joseph believes that when the Bible describes Tyre and Babylon in these passages, it is really describing the prosperity and destruction of Atlantis, the sea- born, antediluvian empire. 16

In the Atlantean tradition, modern Atlantean authors claim Poseidon was the angel/son of God, a watcher /ruler/archon, to whom the continent Atlantis was portioned out, while the balance of the earth was allotted to the other gods, to varying extents. 17 Just as I already noted, Deuteronomy 32:8 describes the earth was divided among the sons of Israel, sons of God, and/ or gods, depending on which biblical translation from the Masoretic Text you choose to examine. In fact, Plato’s work Critias actually states that the gods divided up the earth, with Atlantis being Poseidon’s portion. 18 Poseidon was the chief god and founder of the Atlantean civilization. 19 The inheriting gods/ watchers then constructed temples in their lands for worship and ritual sacrifices 20 as cult centers. In Atlantis, Poseidon constructed his great temple (for his bull cult) in his capital city, at the southern end of the continent. 21 The gods in the Atlantean heritage were all known as intermediaries between man and Chaos, 22 otherwise identified as watchers , archons, and seraphim angels.

Poseidon then proceeded to fall in love with a female of the human race named Cleito. Poseidon was also believed in legend to have lain with many other “daughters of men,” producing offspring through the illicit violations against the laws of creation. Cleito was the daughter of Evenor and Leucippe, who were both earth- born but, not coincidently, lived inside a mountain, 23 while other traditions cite Cleito as a simple human orphan. 24 The children of Poseidon and the daughters of men all grew up to be giants and demigods that we have come to know as Nephilim.