Chapter 24: Sodom And Gomorrah

genesis6-section3-chap24When we consider that Jude 1:6 connects sexual perversion of Sodom with sexual perversion of angels and we know that Nephilim were in the Sodom region at that time, the connection becomes firmly cemented with circumstantial evidence.

From the Gnostic perspective, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the God of the Bible not for their wickedness but because of their wisdom and insights. 14 This again testifies to Nephilim contamination, for the Gnostics believe the God of the Bible is the evil God who enslaves humankind in ignorance. Gnostics believe the postdiluvian Nephilim kings, on the other hand, were enlightened purveyors of forbidden wisdom and insight, and therefore, God destroyed many of the great postdiluvian sources of enlightened insight at Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as many of the surviving antediluvians, the giants.

It is difficult not to conclude that the Nephilim were the root cause for the sins of Sodom. In fact, one ought to deduce that Nephilim were, indeed, the root cause for their degeneration. Perhaps Sodom and Gomorrah were the founding city- states of postdiluvian Nephilim. Perhaps Sodom and Gomorrah were the centers for postdiluvian apostasy, where impassioned fallen angels once more procreated with human females out of spite. Perhaps all this was the extended reasoning for such an awesome display of destruction poured out on those corrupt cities, as a sign to future generations demonstrating God’s indignation towards the birthplace of postdiluvian giants.

Gnostic gospels profess that three races survived the deluge: the Posterity of Seth, the posterity of Noah, and the apostates from the posterity of Noah. Seth, according to this myth, as you may recall, was the parent of the mysterious Immoveable Race, the posterity of Seth. 15 This was an imperishable race created in the image of the god Adamas (fallen angel) by another great angel, Autogenes, and is a holy race that purportedly will be lifted up above angels. 16 Adamas brought forth a child in his image and likeness, calling him Seth, who then produced with his offspring the imperishable race. 17

From the Gnostic holy book of the Invisible Spirit we learn that Seth replanted his antediluvian seed with a female virgin who bore fruit with Sodom and Gomorrah. 18 Further into this gospel, we learn Seth sowed his seed in the “Earthborn Aeons” (beings likely giants), where their numbers were the infinite number of Sodom. The Aeons were called Seth’s pasture or distribution of Gomorrah, and Seth took the plant from the spring of Gomorrah and planted it in the second location of Sodom. 19 Sodom and Gomorrah just may have been the location where the second spiteful spectacle took place, whereby vitriolic angels copulated once more with humans, this time the daughters of Noah, creating yet another new race of mortal giants in the cities where the surviving antediluvian remnant of giants had coalesced.