Chapter 3: The Sons Of God

genesis6-section1-chap3Then the immortal Spirit of God was transplanted into a new race of humankind via the fallen angels. God then intervened against this perversion to the natural order of creation by restricting the life span of all forms of humankind to 120 years, including the future posterity of the fallen angels and Nephilim. 55 The Qur’an confirms that God, indeed, did intercede to limit all life spans of this world to a fixed time. 56

From that point on, when: “the Lord said, ‘My Spirit will not contend with man forever [or remain in note b], for he is mortal {or he is corrupt}; his days will be a hundred and twenty years” (Genesis 6:3), the original Nephilim were permitted to have children, but the children were strictly beings of the flesh and not of the spirit as the parents were. 57 Before God introduced this edict, it was not uncommon for the descendants of Adam through the Seth branch to live for 300 to 800 years. 58 But then the rebellious angels procreated a race of giants that would live forever, like gods. It is a fantastic notion to believe that angels could produce offspring in cooperation with human females, let alone that they could pass on the inheritance of their immortal spirit through their procreation, but it is factual, just as the Bible testifies.

One can quickly appreciate the anger God must have had to pacify, punish, and imprison those fallen angels for attempting to circumvent the natural order and mortal process of creation, where humankind is destined to endure for a time in order to achieve immortality. Consider the words from the book of Enoch: “… and now, giants, offspring of spirit and flesh, will be called spirits on earth, and the earth shall be their dwelling. Their bodies emitted evil spirits because they were born from human women and holy Watchers.” 59