Chapter 31: Forging The Nation of Destiny

genesis6-section3-chap31Within the Exodus miracle rest obscure keys to unlocking little- understood Nephilim bloodlines and the mystery of the apparent barbaric slaughter of unsuspecting nations. The land of milk and honey promised to Moses by God was comprised of hostile Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and the Jebusites, 1 all who were infested with Nephilim. Historians and theologians always seemingly overlook or dismiss the Nephilim presence when they examine this staggering turning point of history.

Further secular historians dismiss the Exodus as fanciful folklore and not a historical event. They summarily declare Israelites were Canaanites, not foreigners. 2 But why would a people say they were foreigners if they were Canaanites? Claiming to be foreigners would only cause tensions. Conversely, secular history’s first definitive documentation of Israel’s existence derived from the Stele of Pharaoh Mernepteh, circa 1210 B.C.E. , clearly identifying Israelites as a distinct people from Canaanites, Hurrians, and Bedouins of the same region. 3 If Israelites were not foreigners, they certainly would have been recognized in antiquity as part of the other aboriginal nations of the region. And why would a nation write its history as beginning in slavery?

Israel began the Exodus heading due east. After some setbacks, they wandered in the desert for forty years. During those years, Israel was forged into a nation. At the start, Israel was a ragtag collection of slaves, indoctrinated under a pantheon of gods during their 400- year bondage in Egypt, with only faint monotheistic beliefs whispered to them by Joseph and his twelve sons, like a faint echo from the past. Then came Moses, who led them to freedom once more under a monotheistic doctrine, which was almost foreign to the Israelites by that time. This is why Israel refused to enter into the Land of the Covenant to do battle, in spite of God’s promises to ensure their success. Israel was afraid, trembling from reports describing the fearsome people of war that lived there, vowing to never enter into the land of fearsome people. 4

And then the infamous golden calf incident occurred. 5 God determined the Israelites, the world’s last, best hope, would require forty years of discipline before entering into the Land of the Covenant.