Chapter 35: Curse Of The Amalekites

genesis6-section3-ch35The nation most influenced by the aboriginal Nephilim, the Amalekites, did not engage Israel in war once Israel was completely prepared for war, at the time of the conquest, even though they were the most instrumental nation in stirring the other nations to conspire to war against the Israelites. This was not and could not have been a coincidence.

Nor was it a coincidence that the Amalekites first attacked the Israelites when they were the most vulnerable, at the beginning of the Exodus. The spineless Amalekites knew that the best opportunity to stop the nation of destiny was in the beginning, before the Israelites developed the discipline and the skills of war. The Amalekites refused to support the alliance forty years later, after their cowardly ambush against Israel; the Amalekites were only enticed to war with Israel when they could catch Israel off balance or by surprise. Unprovoked and unexpected ambushes against Israel were common behaviors in the Amalekite relationship of hate towards Israel in the many generations that followed.

The Amalekites, from the beginning, swore a blood covenant to eradicate Israel from the face of the earth, to be remembered no more, that did not die throughout any of the subsequent generations. One can surmise that all the Nephilim- dominated nations took a similar vow, for there were far too many nations that banded together against Israel to assume this was not the case. Each of those nations was an enemy to the others, until Israel united them in common cause.

In this same line of thinking, and according to Ginsberg, Esau, the patriarch of Amalek, was born evil and lost his birthright from Abraham to Jacob, even though Esau was the firstborn of Isaac. Because of this, Esau’s last wish on his deathbed, according to Jewish lore, was for Amalek to cut off the fledgling nation of Israel from their birthright, before they became too formidable, to stop Israel from acquiring the Land of the Covenant. These Jewish legends also recorded Esau as being a mortal enemy of Jacob, even to the extent that Esau swore an oath to bite Jacob dead with his mouth and suck his blood dry 4 (like a vampire).