Chapter 37: David And Goliath

genesis6-section3-chap37Philistines represented the greatest militaristic threat to Israel, preventing Israel to that time from achieving an age of peace, where they could build their dream, manifested in what later became the first temple. It was no coincidence that the Nephilim- led Philistines were such a formidable military force or that they harbored such a bloodthirsty oath against the Israelites. The other antagonizing nations, such as the Jebusites and Moabites, were not a match militarily for the then hardened Israelites, but the Amalekites and Philistines led by Nephilim were a completely different and more dangerous set of foes.

The Philistines and the Israelites squared off, each occupying the high ground separated by a river valley. Both sides realized the downright danger in launching the first attack volley, leaving the enemy to fight with a lethal advantage from the high ground. The Israelites were well aware of the mighty Nephilim warriors that enhanced the strength of the Philistine ranks. Israel was not prepared to give any advantage to such a warrior nation as the Philistines. The Israelites trembled with trepidation from the historical scars inflicted upon them by the Philistine skirmishes past. The Philistines, too, were warily respectful of Israel’s resiliency in warding off the Philistine incursions for so many years. This was a classic, ancient Mexican standoff eye- to- eye with each other, both locked in stalemate by fear, all the while begrudged with respect.

As the tension escalated, the Philistines steadfastly increased the pressure by several notches. A giant from Gath named Goliath began to proceed into the valley every morning and every evening, defying and challenging all Israel to scrounge up a worthy opponent, to settle the affair with him personally, in mortal, one- on- one combat. The winner would take all, thereby subjugating the other people. This was a corrosive challenge, poured spitefully over the courage of Israel, which the Philistines did not anticipate Israel would accept. This denigrating challenge, vitriolic to both God and Israel, required yet another awe- inspiring, divine intervention for the sake of the chosen people. This was David’s time.