Chapter 39: Nothing New Under The Sun

section4-chap39We are the same beings with the same weaknesses and frailties that our earliest biblical ancestors possessed. This may come as a direct challenge to modern theologies, such as the New Age movement or other pantheistic religions, including Gnosticism and the secular religion of evolution, but it is true.

It is for these reasons we study history. We study history to learn of our mistakes so that we might avert the mistakes of our forefathers. We have all heard the popular proverb: if we do not learn from the mistakes of history, we are destined to repeat the very same mistakes in the future. This is a crucial concept that has been imprinted on the psyche of academia for the last few centuries. It is a notion developed to help guide our species from obliterating ourselves from the face of the planet.

But when unexplained hubris propelled by advances in knowledge and technology blinds us into believing we are superior to our forebears, as we do today, then we have embarked on a journey into destruction. We have been skillfully preconditioned to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers. We have been blinded by self- deluding doctrines, just as our ancestors were before us.

Nothing new is under the sun. Nothing that is being done today or will be done in the future is new. All has been seen and done before. Ancient peoples vehemently believed the future was always to be a replay of the past, 1 merely an earthly replay (projection/matrix), reflecting the melodrama of the heavens. This, of course, is the only manner in which all humankind could be judged fairly throughout the generations. It is the constant and the standard that will be applied at the great judgment. The same forms of narratives and plots have taken place over and over and over in the last 6,000 years, just as the plots to movies have not changed over the last one hundred years. Only the actors, places, and time settings for the movies have changed, but the basic narratives are and will continue to be the same. I believe this generation must be even more diligent to this discipline of discerning all its wisdom from the wise, for this generation will be tested like no other. This is the Terminal Generation described by Hal Lindsey in his book bearing that name. 2