Chapter 40: The New Man

section4-chap40Our civilization is standing at the precipice of unknown disaster, teetering at the hands of our own intelligence, but we do not perceive the danger. We only perceive the paradoxical opportunities of false hope. We have spawned a world intoxicated with unrestricted employment of our arrogance. All advancements are double- edged swords that can cut in the direction of good or in the direction of evil. Just as the science of splitting the atom gave us tremendous sources of energy, it also gave us atomic bombs. To this conclusion, then, understand that modern science is rooted in and nourished by the originating seven spurious sciences.

As you will recall, the great antediluvian sin was the sexual union between the human species with the angelic realm. The parallel antediluvian sin was that Cain’s progeny lived out their futile lives in a perpetual state of defiance and rebellion against God. A generation so self- deluded and so dismissive of God could easily be deceived into doing or believing anything.

The notion of angels copulating with humans still permeates modern society. Astonishingly, numerous Hollywood productions seemingly advocate violations of the laws of creation. Films depict beings from the angelic realm having sex with human females, which produces in most encounters hybrid offspring. This rogue notion is a common theme in horror films depicting satanic cults and the theatrical theme for the creation of the Antichrist and his appearance in this last Terminal Generation.

Similar seeds of transgression have been well planted in another unexplained genre that is transfixing this unsuspecting generation. The alien phenomenon is yet another diabolical deception and violation of the laws of creation. One may find it surprising, but the Vatican recognizes the extent of alien encounters and the size of the universe, dictating there must be alien life forms, as testified to by the high- ranking Vatican representative for alien life forms and UFOs, Monsignor Corrado Balducci. 1 If one assumes that alien abductions are deceptive tactics employed by fallen angels, they might be the most likely method to introduce another form of Nephilim.