Chapter 41: The New Age Of Aquarius

section4-chap41New Age ideals are finely scripted euphemisms designed to disguise humanity’s naive independence from God while en route to rebellion.

This is the ancient, mystic dogma of Gnosis and enlightenment. It is the future resolution to the incident at Eden, where Eve, and then Adam, ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Gnosis and Knowledge, whereby they unwittingly chose independence for humankind. All this is part of the revenge plot of Satan to deceive humankind— that he is actually liberating humankind with knowledge, freethinking, and free choice, away from the bonds of ignorance and the Christian God, who enslaves humankind.

However, the Age of Aquarius in astrology is a period of harsh judgment reigned over by Saturn. Aquarius is “the Water Bearer, who is the bringer of the [fiery] torrents from heaven.” 5 The Age of Aquarius, the end of this age, the end time, and the last days all encompass the same idea. It will be a time of tribulation and heartrending decision, when all will have to choose between Satan and his deceptions rooted in reason and logic versus faith in the righteousness, peace, freedom, and enlightenment of the true God.

Spurious forces will bend truth in ways that will impress a pretzel manufacturer. They will interpret the Bible allegorically, proclaiming the end of this age and the end times expressed by literalist Christians are nothing more than deceptions of an apocalyptic cult entrenched in its alleged evil beginnings. Spurious forces will declare literalist Christians are nothing more than illegitimate apostates and imposters, who were originally given legitimacy by Emperor Constantine and the heretical Pauline sect of Catholicism, which has persecuted the true Gnostic Christian church for 2,000 years. To this end, the Gospel of Judas charges the twelve disciples and the bishops, together with the Roman persecutors, as all who worship demons. 6 Spurious forces will proclaim the end of this age doctrine fanatically shouted by literalist Christians is nothing more than a deception that only refers to the end of the astrogical age of Pisces. 7 Spurious forces will declare the New Age of Aquarius will be the beginning to the Theosophist thousand years of peace led by the Theosophist false messiah, known figuratively as “Lord Maitreya,” the new Buddha.