Chapter 43: The Godless Generation

section4-chap43aWe are the same as our impious and independent antediluvian ancestors, who refused to honor God for all things.

Indeed, if we were not approaching the last days, I am certain uncountable criminal investigations would have already been initiated. Serious reprimands would already have been dispensed, publicly punishing the powerful (and seemingly paradoxical) left wing and fascist academia. Fascism began as a nationalistic, totalitarian, right- wing belief system, but one must remember Nazi Fascism (national socialism) was a mutation of left- wing socialism. This is a concept essential to understanding the coming partnership between the end- time universal religion and world government.

Webster defines fascism as those believing in principles and practices of a strong centralized government, similar to that in Italy that suppressed all criticism and opposition. 1 In a general sense, fascists believe in an authoritarian style of central government and social organization that is intolerant to opposing views, which viciously suppresses free speech. Therefore, I have coined contemporary Progressives as “left- wing fascists,” closely related to Nazis from Germany.

Hence, Vitriolic intelligentsia rally against and hunt into submission any who suggest Intelligent Design, even though Intelligent Design resolves the unexplainable conundrums to the origin and progression of life, as well as the universe. So much for objectivity and the open debate of ideas in the sciences and universities. Rancorous mystical scientists and globalists now inflict a numinous inquisition against all who disagree with them, including those who disagree on the theory of global warming. The discussion is not over. Only elitists, and what I have coined left- wing fascists, wish to eliminate debate, the free flow of ideas, and respect for opposing views. The Apocalypse will engulf this deluded generation without the fanfare one would expect. And if not for the true elect and the forthcoming prophets of God, 2 this generation would unknowingly plunder its way into oblivion, even though the Apocalypse is the event the Bible most often refers to. The suggestion that the Terminal Generation will be so blind to the times we are in and ignore all the warnings from Scripture is seemingly unbelievable, and yet we are witnessing its inauguration.