Chapter 45: Reflections from Within The Third Reich

section4-chap45Nazis were a political force that held the reins of government, bent with evil motives, complete with the prophesied evil second Antichrist/Nimrod/potentate of Nostradamas, Adolf Hitler. The first Nostradamas Antichrist figure was Napoleon, while the third and last Antichrist figure will be the Beast of Scripture. Had the Nazis been completely successful, they would have established a world government under their oppressive rule, crowned with Hitler as the world dictator/ Antichrist. The coveted Nazi reign, of course, was the elusive, infamous German Third Reich, which promised a thousand- year reign of prosperity, just as the authentic Antichrist will aspire to with his promise of the New Age.

Most do not realize the Nazi regime was steeped in mysticism and occultism, because it wore a Christian public cloak. Nazis secretly subscribed to the Theosophist doctrine of New Age pantheism. British prosecutor Airy Neave noted the collective Nuremberg prosecutors suppressed knowledge and documentation concerning Nazi esoteric thought and influence at the highest levels, because they concluded it was too bizarre to be admitted into evidence and for fear of insanity pleas from indicted Nazis. Churchill insisted that it not be revealed to the public. 5 Mystical dimensions to National Socialism were not a secret before or World War II. Occult periodicals of the 1930s discussed Hitler’s preoccupation, just as magician Dion Fortune circulated letters among the British. 6

Historians recognize that the Nazis were indeed, gripped by occultism inspired by their spiritual mother, Helen Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, and, to a lesser degree, Aleister Crowley. Theosophy was first established in Germany in 1884 C.E. By the turn of the century, Theosophy had spread throughout Germany. Theosophy spawned numerous pan- Aryan and anti- Semitic societies, providing a fallacious justification and breeding ground for Nazi racial theoreticians. Between 1892 and 1900 C.E. , Blavatsky incorporated the swastika, an ancient sun symbol from Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism and Blavatsky’s personal emblem, on the cover of all her works. It was enclosed by a circle and surmounted by interlocking triangles forming a six- pointed star. 7

Theosophy and its occultist doctrines were the foundation stones for the Central European offshoot, Ariosophy, which brewed Germanic racist beliefs mixed in with Germanic occultism and Theosophy. 8 Ancient German pantheism was adopted as the Folk Soul , known alternatively as “Das Volk” and/or Volkishe ideology, throughout Germany in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries C.E. Then it was inherited by the Nazis. This belief drew upon an ancient Heroic Collective Entity divinely ordained to manifest power, which further provided the foundation for the philosophical doctrine of racial supremacy. Volkishe ideology fondly harkened back to a pre- Christian epoch of pan- Aryanism. It was an ideology hostile towards Christianity, and it transformed Jesus into a mortal teacher. 9