Chapter 46: The False Prophet

section4-chap46The beast with two horns like a lamb (Rev 13:11-14) is the little- known False Prophet; he will lead the future religion of Babylon. And the dragon represents Satan. The beast with two horns like a lamb symbolizes a spurious Christian leader, for this scurrilous beast speaks like a dragon, marking its true nature. This beast speaks the doctrine of Babylon, the pantheistic theology first introduced in the age of dragons and Nephilim. This forthcoming Babylon will cleverly cloak itself behind a perverted and altered form of Christianity. The second beast described in this prophecy is the notorious Antichrist. The future, universal religion must first infiltrate and then corrupt mainstream Christianity before branching out to the rest of the global religions, thereby giving it a universal, Christian appearance.

The future, harlot religion will be led by one of the most villainous characters of the Adamic epoch, the False Prophet. 2 This iniquitous character, described as the beast of Revelation 13, 3 will be revered to be one of the great prophets of all the ages. He will be respected like Moses in both esteem and pomp; his role will be that of the false Elijah. The False Prophet has been commissioned to clear the way for the entrance of the false messiah; he will cunningly usurp the identity of Elijah and his holy commission as the sign of the coming of the Messiah, 4 just as John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah when he cleared the way for Jesus from the wilderness and introduced Jesus to the world.

The False Prophet will be equipped with superhuman powers to delude the population to accept his false credentials. He will perform great and miraculous signs and miracles, even causing fire to come down from the heavens. 5 The future Hermes will be a Magus unlike any our generation has witnessed; he will be very convincing. His powers will be buttressed by masterful manifestations and all the mind- boggling muscle that fallen angels can muster. 6 The overarching objective for both the False Prophet and the false religion will be to bring about the crowning of the false messiah, the new Nimrod. Anticipate that this future Hermes will rediscover and reintroduce the lost knowledge of Atlantis, Enoch, and Babel.

This heretical Hermes of the future will be accompanied by all forms of modern Magi and sages, revered to be other, new false prophets of various levels: “for false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great and miraculous signs to deceive the elect if that were possible.” 7 Modern manifestations of sorcery, masterfully performed by modern Magi, will be prevalent and may include the alien deception.