Chapter 47: The Disciples Of Light

section4-chap47The evolution to godhood dictates that the discipline in reason and logic is essential, similar to the New Age- like aliens memorialized as Vulcans in Star Trek.

The true God is established as the alleged oppressor, who tries to keep humankind under the oppressive bondage of ignorance for His own oppressive desires. Meanwhile, Lucifer is the god of light, who freed humans from ignorance so that they might achieve godhood. Lucifer is transformed into a god of light and knowledge, the redeemer of humankind, as opposed to the scriptural adversary of humankind. Conversely, the true God is flipped into the role of the evil oppressor of humankind, stifling their rightful evolution into gods. As Laurence Gardner states, both Christianity and Judaism are the suppressers of learning and knowledge. 9

According to Webster’s, Lucifer is Latin for the planet Venus. Nelson’s ties the name to the morning star, just as Isaiah refers to Satan as “O morning star, son of the dawn.” 10 The sun is also known as the morning star denoting light. Unger’s defines Lucifer as Hebrew for “brightness.” 11 Derivative words from Lucifer are words lucent , meaning shining and/or bright, or lucid , meaning shining, transparent: easily understood, and intellectually bright. 12 All derive from the genitive Latin word lux or lucis , meaning “light.” Gods like Osiris were sun gods and allegories for Lucifer. 13 Lucifer is the acknowledged god of light. The same allegory is acknowledged in Greek mythology, where Prometheus was the bringer of God’s fire (light/knowledge) to humankind. Prometheus was banned from heaven for this act, just as Lucifer was. Lucifer was the bringer of light to humankind, as well as the patron god of hard work and builders. 14 Masonic writers Knight and Lomas note Freemasonry believes God has always existed; He has simply taken many names as people have perceived Him, including Marduk, Amon- Re, Yahweh, and Allah. 15 This will be a cornerstone doctrine in the spurious, end- time, harlot religion of Babylon.

According to the renowned Freemason Albert Pike, author of Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry/Pamphlets , the light that all Masons seek is the true knowledge of who their god is, Lucifer. 16 Pike formalized the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in 1868 C.E. , which is now overseen by the Supreme Council of the Thirty- Third Degree through his work, Pike’s Morals and Dogmas.