Chapter 48: The Alien Phenomena

section4-chap48Since the dawn of the Space Age, public perceptions and opinions have reached critical mass, and statistics suggest that more than 50 percent now believe alien life forms both exist and interrelate with us on a regular basis. In less than one complete generation, we have become voluntarily predisposed to accepting an inevitable, formal encounter with alien beings from around the universe, where we then will take our rightfully reserved chair at the table of governing galactic species, just as in the Star Trek or Babylon 5 tradition.

Hollywood tends to set forth a set of ideals about aliens, primarily that they will provide humankind with new, secret, and increasing knowledge in the tradition of mysticism and a closer, intimate relationship with the universal life force. We are about to dawn a new age of peace and prosperity. We are at the precipice of a momentous quantum leap in our evolution; we are about to morph, as New Age philosophy likes to phrase it, vibrate into a higher plane of existence through the discipline of reason over our exploding knowledge. They promise an age where people will only be concerned with achieving enlightenment (immortality), an age where the truth of Brahma will come from heaven and will be led by the future Buddha, Lord Maitreya. 1 In other words, we will experience our final triumph over the knowledge gained in Eden by Adam and Eve when they ate from the Tree of Gnosis.

These alien messages exude mysticism and New Age doctrine. We are led to believe we have misunderstood the enlightened commission of Jesus. They profess Jesus was merely ahead of His time, sent forward as a guide to our destiny, that Jesus had already attained the gift of harnessing the power of knowledge as an example for the world and that Jesus was not professing to be the Messiah and Son of God. Gnostics attempt to lead us to believe that the so- called joint Essene message of Jesus and John the Baptist was to proclaim all would evolve into gods once they learned and mastered the mystical secrets remembered as the Way, 2 just as they had. These mystical secrets of the universe are what the aliens/angels are here to provide humankind, just as they provided illicit knowledge from heaven to the descendants of Cain. All of this, of course, is affirmed in a very polite and politically correct environment, but understand this is still the dissonant doctrine of the Antichrist, sponsored by fallen angels, that denies Jesus is the Christ.