Chapter 49: The Mother Of All Sorceries

section4-chap49Expect to witness ever more spiritual guides and spiritual encounters. Demons and fallen angels masquerading as angels of light will continue to deceive at an increasing rate through visions and contacts. They will pass on more and more spiritual enlightenment as humankind draws closer to its destined ascension to a higher plane. Anticipate more and more New Age and Eastern spiritual leaders taking center stage; all will be guided by their spiritual guides, the ill- famed Avatars of Theosophy and Rosicrucianism. We are about to embark on a great evangelistic quest into Spiritualism that will grip the world unlike anything ever witnessed before. This will be an evangelistic movement of tremendous spiritual fervor that will unite the people of this earth. The people of the world have been well prepared; the false prophets are poised to seize center stage.

Christianity will not escape the never- ending waves of skillful false prophets, superbly crafted counterfeit visions, and the seductive lure of the harlot religion. Look for increasing visions of Mary, beckoning the Mary cult to explode within Catholicism first and then in the balance of Christianity before crossing over to join the spurious religions. The Mary apparitions of Lourdes; Fatima; Medjugorje; and the countless minor Mary apparitions, such as Rwanda and those of Joan of Arc, all preach a familiar and common doctrine rooted in the Revelation prophecy. 1 All Mary apparitions tout Mary (Babylon) to be the queen of kingdoms, the queen of all the people of the earth, and the bringer of peace (through the Covenant of Death). 2

Mary apparitions trumpet varieties of expressions on the same theme: “I am the queen of peace. I am the mother of God, I am the mother of all people on earth,” 3 just as she was described by the prophets Isaiah and John. She is also described regularly as “Our Lady” and “Our Lady of Peace.” She preaches a doctrine of peace and cooperation and uniting under one true religion. And she says that if the world does not repent, it will destroy itself from the face of the earth: “You cannot imagine what is going to happen, nor what the Eternal Father will send to the earth. That is why you must be converted! Renounce everything. Do penance…. Persevere and help me convert the world.” 4 Again, does this not ring familiar? This is the doctrine of Babylon, the objective of the Masonic fraternities, and the teaching of all spurious religions since Babel. The Mary deception, in my opinion, is merely an end- time apparition sponsored by the dark angels.

The true identity of the apparition is not Mary but Ishtar or Isis. She is the feminine side to God in the trinity of spurious religions.