Chapter 51: The New Nimrod

section4-chap51The whole purpose, as witnessed by Revelation, for all the world empires is for them to hand authority over to the false messiah. Progressive liberalism, globalization, and world government all lead to the Antichrist; this doctrine is simple, straightforward, and startling.

The Antichrist will form what is prophesied to be the eighth empire on the back of the seventh empire. 3 The Antichrist will illegally seize power from the ten- horned empire, establishing a new and succinctly different empire. The empire of the false messiah, of the false Zion, will be established through a skillful coup d’état, which will destroy nationalism, borders, and all currencies; most of the world will unanimously celebrate this covert triumph, intoxicated by Socialist, false hopes and utopian expectations for the future. The people will cheer the false messiah, crowning him The Sovereign Lord of All. 4 What will seem so right under the righteous cause of peace and prosperity will be so wrong. Centralizing so much power into so few hands will provide the opportunity required for a new Nimrod, an absolute dictator of war, to seize absolute power almost uncontested.

The Antichrist will first appear to be the answer to the world’s prayers, the long- awaited, divine hope of the world, while all the time relentlessly campaigning for power. The Antichrist will “succeed in whatever he does” (Dan. 8:24). He will then transform acutely once the world government has given power to him.

Meanwhile, Babylon will be enforcing a tribute from all the free trade flowing around the world. Babylon will become so opulent, so powerful, and so influential over the people of the world that the greedy, global government will become deliriously jealous of her. This lavish tribute, as described in the conspirator’s seditious doctrines, will be a “progressive” tax on all transfer documents of all business transactions, which will have to be submitted and paid weekly. These conspirators will believe that all established capitalist and business oligopolies will gladly pay this tribute in return for the peace and safety guaranteed by the state. 5

The glorious Babylonian age of peace will only last three- and- one- half years from the signing of the Covenant of Death that brings it about 6 to the time it is annulled. The global leaders will conspire with Babylon’s rising star, the false messiah, to overthrow Babylon and remove her from power over the people: The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to her ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. For God has put it in their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule. Revelation 17:16–17