Chapter 55: Sex, Lies, And Fairy Tales

section5-chap55What is the civilization-shattering secret Rex Deus apparently protects?

As Rex Deus’s theory goes, Jesus was removed from the cross still alive. Gnostics proclaim that Jesus then married Mary Magdalene, and they begat at least two children.

Mary allegedly scuttled one child to France, and he settled in the area of Rennes Le Chateau, home of the Cathars, Merovingians, Essenes, Alains, Rex Deus, and Templars, the rebellious epicenter most of the heretical, investigative books mark as their start point. The other son was believed to have migrated to England, with Joseph of Arimathea. It is for these reasons the ultra- secret Priory of Sion then refers to Mary Magdalene by many pseudonyms, such as “the Chalice,” “the Holy Grail,” and “the Rose.” 1

In the 1890s, Father Sauniere purportedly discovered Cathar documents consecrated to Mary Magdalene in Visigoth ruins, encoded Priory of Sion secrets containing two astonishing genealogies chronicling the survival to the Merovingian bloodlines. Sauniere became unaccountably wealthy thereafter, inexplicably building the Tower of Magdalene and erecting a statue of Asmodeus, the demon custodian of secrets and guardian of hidden treasures. 2

Jesus’ two sons are thought to be the source bloodlines for the Arthurian kings and the Merovingian kings. All of these Gnostic groups, also known as the Albi- Gens, found imaginative methods within the innocent and pastoral confines of legend and mythological literature, including the fairy tale concept, to preserve the even more ancient Ring Lord culture and Grail bloodlines. The Roman Mother Church was perpetually allegorized as an evil stepmother, witch, or impious potentate. The estranged princes and princesses represented the Grail/Ring bloodlines, with the key message of appreciation for the perpetuity of the San Greal/Holy Grail. 3

Secrets to the bloodlines have been kept alive in such classic writings and legends as Robin Hood , the Holy Grail, Arthurian legends, fairy tales, and of course, the popular Lord of the Rings legends. This chapter and the ones that follow will provide evidence revealing a seemingly unified and determined effort to encode the genealogy of the allegedly combined Jesus and Nephilim bloodlines within some of the most famous pieces of children’s and adult literature as a testimony to the validity of those bloodlines.