Chapter 56: The Knights Templar

section5-chap56Masonic legacies have inseparably linked themselves to far- off times, without adequate explanation, through the Knights Templar and the shadowy Priory of Sion.

How were Masons and Templars linked to the deviant Gnostic Christian offshoot?

How was the disingenuous Templar founding connected to the little known Masons, who predate Freemasonry?

Mason enclaves were nurturing havens for refugee Gnostics and Rex Deus. Craft legends recorded Masons participating disproportionately in the Crusades 1 compared to other European aristocracy. There can be little doubt Masonic agenda was quite different than the balance of participating Christendom. In 1096, Pope Urban II decreed the first Crusade because Muslims continually assaulted Christian pilgrims. 2 Masonic interests, though, were firmly focused on reclaiming Jerusalem for themselves and plundering away any temple treasure they could pillage.

Once the Christian Crusaders retook Jerusalem, an unanticipated, new order, sponsored by Mason/Rex Deus organizations, was unaccountably ordained by Papal Bull. This order was, of course, the Knights Templar, which originally consisted of nine founding members from European aristocracy; although, Rex Deus records indicate there were eleven. The original nine were not the poor, impoverished monks revisionist history would have us believe. All nine, or eleven, derived from important, royal Flemish and French families. 3

Templar historians noted the order was opportunistically created as a ruse to protect Christian pilgrims as they journeyed to Jerusalem; this was an effective cover for the secretive Rex Deus (Masons/Essenes) and the Priory of Sion and their real mission at Jerusalem. 4 Note, however, the Priory of Sion was the true power behind the Templars 5 and their occultist agenda.

Rome had already charged another order, the Knights of St. John, with the responsibility for the protection of pilgrims. 6 Thus, the Templar order was cloaked under the guise of protecting pilgrims, allowing them to excavate without oversight for secret documents and knowledge hidden beneath the temple ruins. 7 With all this in mind, then, we are compelled to query: Who is this mysterious Masonic Order of Sion/Priory of Sion? What was their true agenda for creating the Knights Templar?