Chapter 60: The Invisible College

section5-chap60Templars were, indeed, a secret society, according to Craft legends, complete with a secret doctrine and a secret ceremony of initiation into their ranks, 7 like all organizations of Enochian mysticism. From surviving aristocratic Adepts, remnant Templars spawned through new secret societies many of the famous and powerful political organizations of early modern Europe. Freemasons, in fact, believe themselves to be heirs to secrets held by the Knights Templar, who created other organizations, such as Rosicrucianism and the Invisible College, also celebrated as the Royal Society of England, for the twofold purposes of preserving and perpetuating those inherited secrets, the gnosis of the ages. 8

Freemason Robert Boyle first called the Royal Society “the Invisible College.” 9 Boyle, as you will recall, was a Stuart loyalist and a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. The Royal Society is the oldest and most respected scientific society in the world, according to author and Freemason Robert Lomas. Lomas goes on to note the Royal Society founders were the first scientists and the last of the sorcerers. 10 The founders of modern science were all occultists practicing magic, alchemy, and astrology. 11 According to Freemasonry records, The Royal Society was organized to be a society or club to cultivate the science. They sought to advance the experimental philosophy introduced by Sir Francis Bacon. 12 The Invisible College/Royal Society is the founding cornerstone for modern science; all its genitive, scientific organizations pay tribute to the Royal Society. The term Invisible College was first made famous by the Rosicrucian Manifestos. 13 Because of the Royal Society’s mystical and anti- Christian beginnings, and anti- Christian beginnings, the Royal Society’s ongoing opposition to Christian positions such as Intelligent Design, and noting that the science community pays tribute even to this day to the Royal Society Fellowship (Fellowship generally denotes a secret society) that includes 1400 of the world’s most eminent scientists, I conclude science communities are still governed by doctrines emanating out of the founding Royal Society occultism, which took instructions from ancient Snake Societies and the Seven Liberal Sciences.