Chapter 68: Guardians Of The Antichrist

section5-chap68The amazing fact eluding historians is that the Templars were an overt arm doing the beckoning of Rex Deus for the fallen Grail kingships of Avalon and of the Merovingians, all while under the blessing of the Mother Church of Rome, albeit the Church did not know the true nature of the Templars. 10

As partners with Rex Deus, the Priory of Sion recognizes Rex Deus as being the other driving force behind the creation of the Templars. Rex Deus and the Priory seem to be separate arms of the same cause, with the Priory focused more upon the French relationship than the other Celtic families. Freemasonry writers list Godfrey de Bouillon as the leader of the first Crusade and founder of the Priory, who supported this partnership between Rex Deus and the Priory 11 for an obvious reason: both were Essene organizations. It was Godfrey who founded the Templar Order of Sion, as it was originally known at its founding circa 1090 to 1099. 12 The Order of Sion, was not coincidently the alternative name for the Priory of Sion.

Continuing with the Rex Deus conspiracy, we know that Sinclair founded Freemasonry as the progeny of Templarism, just as Templarism was the progeny of Rex Deus; the Merovingian and Grail kingships; and before that, the Gnostics Essenes that supposedly included Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus. Therefore, Freemasonry is Rex Deus/Priory of Sion, just as it was founded, nurtured, and dominated by the Sinclairs, the House of Stuart, and other Rex Deus families.

Freemason Adepts and Gnostics believe the Knights Templar and Freemasonry were created as a repository for nurturing, maintaining, and secreting Rex Deus and its causes. 13 Rex Deus, Freemasonry, and the House of Stuart, according to Tim Wallace- Murphy, Marilyn Simmons, and Graham Simmons are inseparable from each other, 14 just as I believe their cause is uniform in fulfilling The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, the recreation of the New Age of Atlantis ruled by the posterity of Nephilim, all worshipping fallen angels and their false religion.

The underground enclaves of powerful Rex Deus Adepts are the guardians for the bloodlines of the Antichrist. These potentates secretly protect the unholy heirs, patiently enduring, awaiting the forthcoming date with destiny, when they will introduce the Antichrist to the world. Rex Deus are the puppet masters controlling the strings of Freemasonry and uncountable other genitive, spurious organizations dedicated to the enslavement of the saints.