Chapter 69: Novus Ordo Seclorum

section6-chap69The American dollar, containing an unfinished pyramid with an All- Seeing Eye adorning it on top, is an obvious symbol of the Masons, representing their ties to the great stone builders of antiquity and the knowledge of geometry, arithmetic, and other sciences required to build such monuments, which all stem from the Seven Sacred Sciences. The pyramid is a symbolic link to the antediluvian epoch, when the great pyramids and ziggurats were built as monuments to the ancient knowledge corrupted by Cain and the heresy performed at Mount Hermon.

The unfinished pyramid holds even more enigmatic secrets in its allegory. It represents the New World Order, or world government, because just as the pyramid is unfinished, with work yet to be done, so is the state of the union both past and present in regard to the New World Order. It has not yet been finished and come of age; it is still a work in process by the various Masonic organizations. 43

Finally, the pyramid is symbolic for the Grand Architect of the Universe. 44 The Grand Architect of the Universe is the god of the Freemasons that is also symbolized as a five- pointed star, a pentagram, and a blazing star— known as the “Glowing Pyramid” or “Triangle”; it has the All- Seeing Eye inscribed within this pyramid or triangle and is indistinguishable from the god identified as the Supreme Being. Similarly, the father of light, god of the Zoroastrians, which is also identified with the Iranian god Mithras, was also known vicariously as the Great Architect. 45 French Revolution posters depicted the All- Seeing Eye crowning the Supreme Being, thus connecting the two symbols. 46

The United States Seal is engraved with the words Annuit Coeptis , which is Latin for “announcing the birth of.” This phrase is followed by Novus Ordo Seclorum. The Latin Novus translates as “new”; Ordo translates as “order”; and Seclorum translates as “world,” 47 according to most lay people. However, the correct translation to some, such as Dan Brown, is “The New Secular Order.” 48 However, Seclorum is the genitive, possessive plural form of saelculum, meaning ages, world, or generations, which then produces New (World) Order of the Ages. In my opinion, Novus Ordo Seclorum has been transliterated into the “New World Order.” Putting Annuit Coeptis together with Novus Ordo Seclorum yields roughly, “the birth of the New World Order” (era), which has incredibly been engraved into the official seal of the United States, the progeny of Freemason and Templar dreams!