Chapter 7: Enoch The Evil

genesis6-section1-chap7Enoch invented writing, according to Mackey, to employ the secretive, sacred symbols, known only to the selected elite, as a vehicle to transmit the sacred truths and Mysteries in a way that was free from discovery by the masses not considered worthy enough to learn about those sacred truths and mysteries. 1 It was the Mysteries that Enoch was associated with that are of important value.

With hieroglyphs, Enoch recorded all the sciences of the spurious branch into great books, while building nine subterranean vaults to protect the wisdom from the looming deluge. Enoch is even credited by Adrian Gilbert with the building of the Great Pyramids to preserve this corrupted antediluvian knowledge. In addition, Egyptians owe their origins (and hieroglyphics) to Hermes Trismegistus. Furthermore, Hermes was thought to have founded the ancient Egyptian city of Hermopolis, 2 the home of the infamous Great White Brotherhood, which we will discuss in detail later. Enoch was attributed with the building of the first antediluvian ziggurats in Sumeria. Enoch was also renowned in lore to be the first real builder of cities, 3 after the spirit of Cain. Enoch then, was the first Master Mason.

All this suggests that the antediluvian Enoch was the first sponsor of preparation for the deluge. He saved the corrupted ancient knowledge through hieroglyphs and secret storage houses for the spurious knowledge, which were then further enhanced by the children of Lamech and eventually found by Hermes after the flood. The nine hidden vaults were believed to be subterranean vaults stacked one on top of the other, while one of the two famous Pillars of Lamech was manufactured out of marble so that it would never burn and the second out of laterus , some type of brick, so that it would not sink. The pillar of brick had inscribed on it the seven spurious sciences, while the pillar of marble had inscribed on it directions to find the nine vaults. 4