Chapter 70: Inside Freemasonry

section6-chap70Is Freemasonry really the primordial religion of Enoch the Evil?

Albert Pike attributes modern Masonry to being identical to the ancient Mysteries; he states that Freemasonry is the successor to mysticism. 1

In an excerpt from New Age Magazine, Harold J. Bolen stated that the secret doctrine of Freemasonry flows through its symbols that have their source in three ancient, exalted orders, one being Dionysian Artificers. 2 The Greek Dionysus was an indistinguishable deity from Bacchus of the Romans, Tammuz or Utu of the Persians, and Osiris of the Egyptians. Likely the three great, ancient orders were the Egyptians, Greeks, and Babylonians.

In fact, the Philalethan Conference hosted in Paris from 1785–1787 brought together the most famous, distinguished, and important Freemasons from around the globe to clarify the origin and historical affiliations of Masonic Science. 3 After two years of debate, this august assembly of Adepts concluded Freemasonry was the “Original Religion” handed down from King Arthur, Richard I, Ramon Lulle, Gnostics and the school of Alexandria, the Templars, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus Christ, the Apostles, Each- Ben- Mohammed- Elanis, Ormus, the Egyptians, the Benedictines, the Rosicrucians, Zoroaster, Abbaris, Channondas, Eudoxus, Hermippis, Hermes Trismegistus, Porphyrus, Proclus, Jamblique, the priesthood schools of India, the Gauls, the Hebrews, the Essenes, and the Persian Magi. 4

The Craft Legends believe Freemasonry derives from Babel and before. In 1754, this connection was underscored in the best- selling book of that time, The Free Mason Examin’d , which concluded the rituals of Freemasonry were entrenched in the building of the Tower of Babel 5 and in Nimrod. We know Hermes fled to Egypt, while Nimrod remained in Babylon, where the single entity of the postdiluvian Mysteries then split into two separate but similar sects. Nimrod’s constitution was posthumously reformed in Egypt, under the famous Great White Brotherhood organization. The indigenous duality of their deities was Ishtar/Innana and Tammuz/Utu of the Babylonians and Isis and Osiris of the Egyptians. 6 The female of the spurious trinity is analogous to the Holy Spirit of the Christian Holy Trinity concept whereby the spirit of life and also wisdom is provided.