Chapter 71: The Thirty-Third Degree

section6-chap71The initiate is taught through the ascending levels of sacred knowledge, the occultist discipline of reason over knowledge, that he is achieving (immortality) wisdom as he ascends the (Lucifer’s) pyramid of glorious light and is initiated into the Thirty- Third level. Reason disciplining knowledge from the Tree of Good and Evil is mysticism’s way to immortality that Satan alluded to in the Garden of Eden. The Thirty- Third Degree believes wholeheartedly in the Mysteries, holding steadfastly to the doctrine of reincarnation, just as Osiris was resurrected or, more accurately, reincarnated as a full- fledged and evolved god in the heavens. The Thirty- Third Degree is the uppermost level of the Scottish Rite; it is the innermost sanctuary of the Masonic temple, uncompromisingly dedicated to Masonic mysticism. The Thirty- Third Degree is the closed inner circle of the Masonic Snake Lodge, where the true power of Masonry is centered.

The Mother Council, or the Mother Jurisdiction, as the Thirty- Third Degree is known, resides in Washington, DC. The significance of this council, other than the power it possesses and the secret, sinister strategy of sedition it plots, is that it also possesses the three final secrets of the Freemasons. Initiates in the Thirty- Second Degree have these final, fateful secrets withheld from them. They are simply told, “He still has not reached the light.” 2 As the initiate ascends the ziggurat of enlightenment, he is introduced first to the Osiris allegories, defining him as the sun god, and then the initiate is introduced to the concept of the Great Architect of the Universe. In the beginning, God the Architect was believed to have sent Osiris and Isis, the male/female aspects of godhood, to humankind to help them. 3

It will come as no surprise that this Grand Architect is not the true God of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The true god of mysticism and the Freemasons is Lucifer, and his unholy icons scurrilously adorn the American one- dollar bill, the All- Seeing Eye and the unfinished pyramid. But can we actually show beyond a shadow of doubt that Lucifer is the sun god, the All- Seeing Eye, and the Architect of the Universe? Yes, we can!

Demond Wilson’s inside information informs us that the Thirty- Third Degree formally teaches that Lucifer is the Architect of the Universe. 4 Freemasons teach Osiris is the god who is Lucifer, just as they teach that the All- Seeing Eye is also god, or Lucifer, and just as both these symbols represent the Great Architect of the Universe. Lucifer is called the Great Architect because the universe is his most significant work. Freemasons name their (Snake) god an architect because he is not a creator god, for Lucifer created the universe from existing material, just as architects do.