Chapter 72: The Rothscild-Rockefeller-Morgan Axis

section6-chap72The power of the Rothschild empire continued to reach across the Atlantic and into America, where the Rothschilds funded a company in its infancy, Standard Oil. The family that owned and still maintains controlling interests in Standard Oil is the American powerhouse of Rockefeller. The Rockefeller empire, because of this, according to Gary Kah, owes its wealth, loyalty, and power to the Rothschilds. 16 Working through Wall Street and their strategic partners of Khun Loeb and Company, along with JP Morgan, the Rothschilds financed JD Rockefeller through the City Bank of Cleveland, a branch of the Rothschild empire, so that he could create Standard Oil. 17 The Rockefellers are renowned globalists and Masons. Today, the Rockefellers control four of the top seven of the world’s largest oil companies that include Exxon, Standard Oil, Chevron, Mobil, Phillips 66, Marathon, and Texaco; and they further control 321 other oil companies. 18

Similarly, the Rothschilds financed Edward Harriman (Union Pacific Railroad) and Andrew Carnegie (US Steel). 19 Carnegie, a Scot, made his first fortune in partnership with George Pullman (Pullman cars), who sold railroad cars to the railroad companies. One wonders, then, about the connection at this juncture to Edward Harriman of Union Pacific with Carnegie’s first enterprise. Carnegie then collected a consortium of Scots in Pittsburg that bought up most of the existing steel companies, forming Carnegie Steel, which later became US Steel, 20 and all was funded by the Rothschilds and their stable of agents.

Carnegie Steel, then (and not coincidently), became the quintessential prototype for the modern industrial corporation, controlling every aspect of production as a completely and fully integrated, or “Vertically Integrated,” business. Carnegie Steel also introduced the concept of economies of scale in production. John Rockefeller learned, adopted, and applied these concepts with Standard Oil. Carnegie Steel was sold in 1901 to none other than the famous JP Morgan, and Carnegie’s proceeds were 300 million tax- free dollars. 21

The JP Morgan Company, too, held an important partnership with the Rothschild empire. The Morgan family held great ties to the British Rothschilds and, therefore, became covert agents for them. The Rothschilds preferred to operate anonymously through the JP Morgan Company in America, as well as through Khun and Loeb and the Goldman Sachs Company. Even today, the Morgan legacy has tentacles holding enormous sway in both business and political theaters. Morgan employees hold large memberships in the diverse collection of secret societies of today. As Morgan leadership swayed, they were replaced by the Rockefeller family as the dominant financial and political force. 22

The Rothschilds, working through the Rockefellers and Morgans, have gained a stranglehold on American corporations and power, all who wield this power for globalist purposes, just as the Rothschilds were able to do in Europe. The Rockefeller- Morgan- Rothschild axis has created a powerful corporate juggernaut that is unrivaled in the world today, all working resolutely for the Rex Deus agenda.