Chapter 73: Secret Societies And The New Age Of Atlantis

section6-chap73During the Middle Ages, Theosophist philosophy was housed in Masonry, medieval mysticism, and Rosicrucianism. 61 According to Peter Marshall, the Theosophical Society adopted alchemical and Hermetic traditions to build a bridge between science and religion, endeavoring to develop the spiritual powers of humanity. 62 Theosophy evolved to become the nucleus for a universal brotherhood 63 and is a definitive synthesis of all religions; it has declared itself to be the all- encompassing, universal ultra- religion of the future. 64

Theosophy’s foundation was originally set in esoteric Buddhism and contained a hierarchy of Secret Masters, or Avatars. 65 Theosophist philosophy is conspicuous, according to the Encyclopedia Americana, among the religious systems of India, China, and Egypt. These Adepts, Sages, and Secret Masters are revered as “highly evolved men” who have acquired divine power 66 and who endeavor to develop the New Man on earth. Blavatsky conducted séances in which she revealed letters from this ascended Order of Masters, whom she referred to vicariously as the Great White Brotherhood.

Evolution of the soul (spirit) is at the heart of the Theosophist religion. Theosophists believe when the Spark of Life, the evolving soul, reincarnates into the highest life form in sufficient numbers, humankind will ascend to a higher plane of being. Theosophists further believe the human ethos first took human form on planets other than earth. The last planet was Mars, and the next planet will be Venus. At the end of this age, Theosophists believe worthy humans will ascend to become the “architects” of future universes, 67 like Lucifer. Untold numbers have carried the Theosophist torch over the last century, including many powerful dignitaries of our age. The New Age movement of today, according to John Michael Greer, is nothing more than “Theosophy plus,” drawing all of its inspiration from Theosophy’s occultism of the last century. 68

Alice Bailey was a major supporter of the Theosophical Society. Bailey founded the Lucis Trust, originally known as Lucifer’s Press, an offshoot of the Theosophical Society 69 designed to publish the teachings from her spirit guides. She also founded the Theosophical Network in 1961, which has established arcane schools and organizations such as World Goodwill, which formed another occultist organization called World Union, all dedicated to implementing world government. Bailey’s arcane schools teach occult philosophy received by Bailey from her purported Tibetan spirit guides, Kuthumi and Djwal Khul, to initiate a “New Group of World Servers” to assist the Masters of the Great White Lodge. 70 The White Lodge in Theosophist and occultic systems is a Secret (Snake) Brotherhood of Advanced Souls that forms the hidden government of the world. This alleged and extremely powerful organization is further known in occultism to be the Great White Brotherhood. Kah has found that all these groups are directly linked to the World Constitution Parliament Association. 71

Bailey stated Freemasonry is the training school for advanced occultists. 72