Chapter 74: The Illuminati

section6-chap74Brown suggests the Illuminati was formed in the 1500s, in Rome, by an enlightened group of mathematicians, astronomers, and physicists to oppose the narrow- minded views of the Roman Church. Brown asserts that Galileo formed the first think tank and referred to this committee as the Enlightened Ones, the “Illuminati,” who led this noble group of intellects. The Roman Church ruthlessly hunted this elitist organization. After Galileo was placed under house arrest, the Roman Illuminati degraded into complete upheaval, fleeing Italy and vanishing into a deep, underground guise. This underground group later resurfaced among the Bavarian Stonemasons that included the Rothschilds and the Bilderbergers. Freemasons subsequently adopted the Illuminati as a Bavarian Brotherhood. 5

The primary goal of the Illuminati is to bring about the New World Order. 6 The second goal is to utterly destroy Christianity via their own religion of mysticism, 7 likely through Gnostic infiltration of Christian churches. The Illuminati realizes Christianity must be reeled in before world government and the universal religion can take hold. More succinctly stated, the true purpose to the Illuminati is to destroy all religions that are not pantheistic, overthrow all national governments, and abolish all private poverty. 8 The Bavarian government concluded the Illuminati plotted to overthrow governments and abolish Christianity. Wilson wrote that the Illuminati guard closely one of their innermost secrets: their surreptitious schema to obliterate Christianity, for they pretend to have the sole true religion of Lucifer. 9 Even more concerning is that the Illuminati have purportedly adopted the philosophy of Machiavelli (1469–1527), who taught that “the end justifies the means.” Nazis implemented this philosophy— with horrific results. 10

The Illuminati infiltrated Freemasonry in 1782; 11 although some sources backdate this to 1777. 12 Weishaupt is touted as a Masonic reformer. This was a marriage made in spurious heaven, for the goal from Freemasonry’s inception was to bring about the New World Order. The Rex Deus- sponsored Freemasonry fraternity welcomed its spurious and mystic cousins of Luciferian devotion while savoring Weishaupt’s belief that the Illuminati were created to rule the world. 13

Brown writes that the Illuminati grew rapidly within the friendly confines of Freemasonry, evolving into a secret society within a secret society, and then eventually taking complete control of the organization. The Illuminati exploited Freemasonry’s worldwide network for their own New World Order agenda. They further utilized Freemasonry’s far- flung network to infiltrate all elitist organizations around the world, which included Masonry organizations of every kind, the major banks, and governments.