Chapter 76: A Thousand Points Of Light

section6-chap76According to Gnostic theology, when Eve and then Adam ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they ate the beautiful fruit of gnosis, or knowledge. According to Pike, Adonai was an evil demon, forbidding Adam to eat of the fruit of knowledge, but Adam obeyed an angel of light (Lucifer) and ate from (the good side of) the tree. 8 St. Iraneous professed in Gnostic literature that Wisdom (Sophia/mother of Ialdaboth) cunningly led Eve away from Ialdaboth via the Snake, whence both Adam and Eve then became acquainted (all knowing/gnosis) with the power superior to all and then rebelled away from Ialdoboth. 9 Hancock and Bauval note The Nag Hammadi Texts depict the serpent as a hero and a benefactor to humankind, for after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they awakened to their luminous nature. 10 Adam and Eve then became like gods, knowing both good and evil 11 and the seven spurious sciences.

As a result, Adam’s descendants achieved very high levels of knowledge, even to the point of manipulating the antediluvian physical world with clever machines and devices, whereupon Demiurge intervened once more with the flood to restrict human potential. Hence, the flood was designed to punish humanity for having risen so high; it was designed to remove the light (knowledge) from among humankind. Survivors were then thrown into toil to survive, but some fortunately maintained the antediluvian knowledge to benefit a future generation, when a general awakening will once more occur 12 via A Thousand Points of Light.

Satan, then, is believed to be the great emancipator of Adam and Eve, freeing them from the bonds of ignorance. Gnostics additionally believe each person of a specific race contains within his or herself a hidden seed of the divine that is crying to be released from its prison, the person’s body, so that it can reside in its natural home, the spirit world of the gods. 13 This hidden seed is the power stolen by Ialdoboth that Zoë, and supposedly the Holy Spirit, are assisting the Gnostic race in collecting. This is the spirit of globalization, which will join the collective seeds of the divine, enabling discriminating elite to vibrate into godhood. From the descendants from the antediluvian Gnostic Sethite sect, according to Gnostic expert Bentley Layton, springs a “race” (the descendants of Nephilim, Rex Deus bloodlines, Gnostics, and Theosophists)— a race where the so- called seeds (Point of Light) lie hidden, waiting to be freed. 14

The Gnostic/New Age church claims to be the heavenly posterity on earth tracing back to Seth.