Chapter 78: The New Age Millennium

section6-chap78The Bible predicts a ten- horned or ten- toed empire will resurrect out of the ashes of the old Roman Empire in the last days, which would bring about the coming of the Antichrist, 8 Lord Maitreya. This is exactly what the spurious, globalist forces are endeavoring to bring about. The World Constitution and Parliament Association, a Rockefeller supported foundation, includes in its vision a world divided into ten constituencies. The Club of Rome also has arrogantly divided the world into ten economic and political regions. 9 This is no coincidence; the God of gods preordained it. Secret societies are endeavoring to recreate the age of enlightenment, the reincarnated, antediluvian age of Atlantis, by reestablishing antediluvian rule that reigned supreme over Atlantis. 10 They sincerely believe the essential arts and knowledge of our present civilization trace their beginnings back to the great Antediluvian empire of Atlantis through Egypt, 11 along with the secrets they possess. This is The Genesis 6 Conspiracy destined to place the new Nimrod, the Antichrist, at the head of world government for 1,000 years— the reincarnated Fourth Reich.

The renewal of Atlantis is yet another allegory of King Arthur and the Grail legends. Excalibur, the famous sword of Arthur, symbolizes a key to Atlantis that was hidden in England. The key is the location of certain wisdom and knowledge, along with additional keys to unseal the antediluvian knowledge that is to remain sealed and hidden until people that possess the right level of knowledge and wisdom are able to unlock it. The withdrawal of Excalibur represented the rebirth of the new Atlantean race, 12 just as Camelot and Arthur’s reign did. 13 America was conceived to achieve, as a global model, the ideal commonwealth in the political world. As Marrs notes, America is the stepping- stone, the great plan, to bring about the New Atlantis, 14 just as the Templars, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and Francis Bacon had envisioned.

I cannot say the spurious factions will raise up Nephilim as kings for the future, spurious millennium, but I cannot rule it out either, based on all that I have discussed in this book. What we can expect is that these rulers will cling to their ancient bloodlines that, indeed, do link them back to Nephilim.