Chapter 79: The Fairy Kingdoms

section7-add3Seemingly innocuous allegories jammed into our entertainment and literature covertly bridge our misunderstood past with the terrible tribulation coming. In this spirit, then, consider this investigation essentially pivots around two mysterious allegories: dragons and fairies. Frankly, they are the “Rosetta Stone,” the missing pieces connecting all the other pieces to The Genesis 6 Conspiracy and the bloodlines of the Antichrist.

So, then, what is the hidden relationship connecting the Fairy and Dragon Courts to the Holy Grail and Rex Deus? We taught previously that the contemporary Rex Deus conspiracy is 2,000 years old, dating back to the life and times of Jesus. Additionally, we learned that Grail legends were spawned by Rex Deus Houses and that the Holy Grail was, in truth, the Sangreal, the holy bloodlines that housed the secrets to the Kings of God dynasty.

What we must now absorb into our syncretic thought process is the notion that Grail, Fairy, and dragon legends are, according to both Gnostic and Masonic writers, one and the same. 1 When one notes any arcane reference to the shadowy Dragon and Fairy Courts, understand that this is deliberate Grail/Rex Deus bloodline Legominism.

section7-add4The House of Dragon is the genuine House of Grail Kings, 2 the original Rex Deus from Genesis. The House of Dragon is the ancient powerhouse that the Sons of Jared have vowed generational war against, just as the ancient Israelites did. Sons of Jared believe the Dragon bloodline to be the actual and factual descendants of watchers /fallen angels and Nephilim, who they allege spawned the notorious, evil, (fairy) pharaoh kings and dictators who have dominated humankind throughout history. 3 This bold assertion is the same notion I have been building to and alluding to: the posterity of Nephilim will bring about the tribulation of the end times and the Antichrist! Today, Gardner states Dragon sovereignty is maintained in the Grail kingdoms, which hold the great and mysterious repository of ancient knowledge. 4

In Celtic mythology, exclusive royal families carried what is renowned in Grail lore as “fairy blood.” 5 Romans viewed the Celts as a tall and fair- skinned people, 6 while fairies in Wales were called Tylwyth Teg , the “Fair Family.” 7 Tylwyth Teg is, in fact, the Welsh translation for “fairy.” 8 According to Gardner, fairy blood, the bloodlines of fairies (those of the lineage of fair folk), was originally conceived through philosophical (arcane) metaphors relating to fate; hence the word fairy derives from fee, or fey (fate). 9 Fairy/faerie/fayyerie derived from French faes , which derived from the Latin fata , describing spirit beings that guide fate. 10