Chapter 8: Royal Bloodlines

genesis6-section1-chap8Acknowledging the Bible documented distinct genealogies descending from Adam through Cain and Seth, as well as acknowledging the Bible documented an additional race of Nephilim inserted into creation by dark angels, and further opening your thinking to the notion that perhaps Genesis subtly suggests differences in appearance between Cain and Seth are primary principles for discerning: how and why two distinct religious belief systems following two distinct gods emerged. However, this contrarian hypothesis should not be interpreted as a ploy in any way to summarily denigrate or stigmatize any race or people of different skin colors; nor should this contrarian hypothesis in any way be applied to summarily judge or condemn any individuals, or groups of people, simply because they may carry genetic traces of DNA and or bloodlines descending from Cain, Nephilim, or any other race I will refer to in this book. I do not believe the God Most High summarily judges anyone based on genetics; we are all judged in the same equal manner on what we do and what we believe; through our free choice to choose God or not. Nor is it my place to tread on the turf of the Divine to summarily judge, even if I disagree with the actions of others; only God judges. I leave that to Him.

Conversely though, and as a primary principle, we must understand that duplicitous, secretive Snake Brotherhoods and their descending genitive secret societies do disingenuously employ genetic distinctions. Alleged genetic distinctions, in these rival belief systems are reserved for only the rich and powerful; the elite; the Adepts of those secret societies. Therefore I will build upon throughout this book the distinctions the selected elite of secret societies endorse regarding Cain, what they believe are their genetic connections linking them back to Cain and Nephilim, as well as building on the notion that Day 6 and the creation of Adam were two separate events.

Freemasonry believes the antediluvian people were highly advanced in the Seven Sacred Sciences. 1 Freemasons resolutely believe that when humans abandoned their nomadic lifestyle (people of day six, which Cain likely married into), they formed builder associations to erect monuments and buildings to worship their gods, and architecture transformed into an art that demanded exacting science and knowledge. 2