Chapter 80: Ordo Draconis

section7-chap80Zsigmond inherited the Dragon legacy in 1397, when he drew up the Ordo Draconis (Brotherhood of the Snake) with twenty- three nobles that included Vladislav Jagello; Christopher III; the kings of Poland, Denmark, and Norway; King Aragon of Lithuania; and many other important nobles of Europe. The members all wore the sign of the Rosi Crucis, and then later in 1439, the Duke of Norfolk joined the order. Zsigmond was then crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1411. Today the order includes Prince Michael of Albany, the head of the Royal House of Stuart, and much of the European royalty, where the House of Stuart acts as its protectorate. 32

This Dragon fraternity was resurrected to become the successor to the ancient Dragon Court of Egypt and, in particular, Heliopolis, where the Great White (Snake) Brotherhood of the Therapeutate resided. The Dragon Court was established, according to Gardner, as a Pharonic institution of science and scholarship, where the Royal Court provided for the priestly pursuits and teachings of Thoth, just as the Great White Brotherhood of Tutmosis III also did in Egypt. It was the obligation of these Masters to ensure the purity of the continuing royal bloodline that was perpetuated through the Dragon queens of the matrilineal Grail succession, 33 just as it was in ancient Egypt.

What is no coincidence to all this secrecy of Snake Orders is that Vlad III, the Prince of Walachia and the military governor of Transylvania was inexplicably inducted into the Sarkany Rend, the Order of the Dragon, in 1439, by none other than King Zsigmond Von Luxembourg himself. This was the nefarious family of Vlad the Impaler, who the character Dracula was based upon. In fact, Vlad II was known as Lord Draconis, which derived the variant appellation “Dracul.” Vlad III inherited his father’s Dragon office, becoming Dracula , the “son of a Dragon.” 34

The under- investigated Vlad was the overlord (Oberon) of the old Scythian traditions; he was known to be of fair skin (pale), with reddish hair and green eyes, a Noble Celt. Vlad was educated in the Mystery School of Solomon in Austria; he was an Adept of alchemy who was also known to be an Adept of the Star Fire culture, the blood- drinking cult of Nephilim. Vlad was affected by sunlight and became a night person, or night operative, known again, not without coincidence, as a night operating Oupiere , as in the traditions of Oberon that we have already detailed. Vlad the Oupiere was known to have had his mystical powers enhanced through the consumption of Star Fire, 35 blood.