Chapter 83: The Bull Cult of Melchizedek

section7-chap82Remember, it was Oannes/Enoch, the fish deity of the Babylonians, who escorted the Anunnaki down from the mountains and begat the antediluvian kingship of the Pishdadian kings, as well as the postdiluvian kingship of Nephilim. As you will recall, the Cretans, the Minoans, and the Santorinians all worshipped under the shadow of the bull cult of Atlantis. All this further explains both how and why the Philistines easily adopted and assimilated the Canaanite cult of the bull into their society. All this is no coincidence, and it is out of this cannibalis— and child sacrificing of the bull cult that the parallel Canaanite Order of Melchizedek steps forward, with all its false pretenses.

This, then, was the syncretic Canaanite Order of Melchizedek, which is and was a purposeful perversion of the Hebrew Order recorded in the Bible. However, the spurious forces believe that David believed himself to be part of the Canaanite Order when he succeeded the Jebusite/Canaanite throne of Jerusalem, inheriting Melchizedek’s throne. 43 And this is what the spurious forces misconstrue when they note David’s reference in the Psalms, 44 whereby David then inherited the priest king role of the god El- Elyon, the God Most High, of the Jebusites. 45

The contemporaneous Masonic Order of Melchizedek consequently follows the (perverted) Canaanite Order, claiming it to be the true Order, and further reclaiming Melchizedek, Abraham, David, Solomon, and Jesus as its descending patriarchs. 46 The Gnostics possess a gospel of Melchizedek, which, not surprisingly, denotes its spurious followers as Children of Seth, 47 the Gnostic Nephilim Seth, who maintain the spark of the divine required for the harmonic convergence and ascension into godhood when the world unites under one world government and religion. In fact, James Robinson goes on to note that Melchizedek was identified with the Gnostic savior, Seth, and thus the final form of Melchizedek was a product of Sethian Gnosticism, 48 worshipping El.

Remember, though, the violent god El of the Canaanites was not the God El- Elyon and El- Shaddai of the Bible. Spurious forces merely manipulated the similarities between El and El- Shaddai for their long- term misdirection of history, in preparation for the last generation. Thus, the bull cult of Poseidon was one of the foundation stones for the Essene religion. The Canaanite Order of Melchizedek was the perverted and spurious order of priests, who worshipped the bloodthirsty tyrant, the evil god El, father to Baal and grandfather to Molech. This order was not the holy, biblical Order of Melchizedek that worshipped the God Most High, El- Shaddai, but it was the spurious order adopted by the nonconformist Jewish Essenes.