Chapter 84: The Essenes

section7-chap83Josephus described Essenes as inquiring after roots and medicinal stones to cure sickness. 67 Gardner also claims the Essenes received medical knowledge from the ancients and practiced medicine accordingly. In fact, Gardner noted the title “Essene” likely derived from the Aramaic word Assaya , meaning “physician,” which corresponded to the Greek word essenoi . 68 Essenes were a mystical order of physicians and scientists in the spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, modern medical organizations, and the original Royal College physicians.

Essenes cherished the dragon/serpent as a symbol of the Essene Therapeutate. To this end, the dragon/serpent was also identified with wisdom and healing. The dragon was held as a symbol of wisdom in antiquity, for dragons, like serpents, were thought to be conveyers of enlightenment and the keepers of knowledge, just as the serpent Satan and his assorted seraphim compatriots were regarded as conveyers of enlightenment and the providers of knowledge. Essenes upheld the traditions of the dragon and its identification with wisdom and healing, 69 in addition to being the inheritors and guardians of the antediluvian Dragon Court and secret knowledge.

Essenes alternatively named themselves Gnostic Nazarenes, where “Nazarene,” in this case, derives from the Aramaic Natzar , meaning “to guard or to watch.” They were “guardians” of sciences, custodians of the secrets to the universe, and the watchers for the enlightened science. 70 Essenes believed they were the guardians of the arcane secrets and knowledge of David and Solomon 71 that was inherited by Moses from the Egyptian Therapeutate. Essenes are claimed to be the very same cult as the mystical (counterfeit) followers of John the Baptist, the alleged Nazorean Mandaeans, who combined Gnosticism with Zoroastrianism.

Templar writers noted the Essenes were the inheritors of the Seven Sacred Sciences. In addition, they purportedly received additional knowledge from the watchers, deities who oversaw the universe, 72 just as the Essenes did. The Essenes then adopted the name Watchers, or Nazarenes , for they guarded and watched over the sacred antediluvian knowledge. This then accounts for the high level of respect and worship the Essenes held for their special fallen angels, the original watchers, to the extent they would not deliver the names of their dark angels, even under torture and unto death by torture.

It was the little- known Gnostic Essenes who cleverly corrupted the pre- Canon New Testament through writing alternative but false gospels side by side with the heresy of inventing the false Messianic bloodline maintained through Jesus’ alleged sons. The Essenes were followers and the guardians of the Davidic Messianic bloodline and of a mortal Jesus in particular.