Chapter 85: Moses, Akhenaten, And The Armana Dynasty

section7-chap85Why do spurious forces accept and delight in the bloodlines from Moses through David, Solomon, and Jesus? Quite simply, their alarming, revisionist, and counterfeit history outrageously repositions Moses’ pedigree from the priestly tribe of Levi and Israel to Egyptian royal bloodlines, making him the son of a pharaoh.

This posthumous, Theosophist precept holds that House of Moses was Egyptian, as Scripture has recorded. They believe Moses and the Israelites were somehow the hereditary heirs to the Royal Houses of Egypt and Babylonia. Theosophists believe the Lord of the Mountain, El Shaddai, whom they regard as Enki, passed all secrets from the Egyptian House of Gold, from the priests of Egypt (White Brotherhood of Therapeutate), to a new line of Aaronite priests with the fall of the Armana dynasty, which ultimately ended the legitimacy of Egyptian dynasties. 1 Theosophists further believe this eventually established the Royal House of David, Solomon, and Jesus as the new House of Gold (Dragon Court). This mystical, Aaronite priesthood is the cornerstone linking the Essenes back to the Great White Brotherhood through their inheriting the religion of Enoch the Evil and Hermes, which was subsequently concealed within the numinous fringes of Israelite culture.

Conspirators believe the Royal House of Pharaohs was the second equal pillar coexisting in parallel with the originating Dragon Court, reigning alongside Chaldean mysticism organized by Nimrod in Mesopotamia. The Royal Dragon Courts of Egypt and Mesopotamia worked diligently together in securing pure bloodlines for the succession of kingship, all in the same spirit as Rex Deus. Pharaohs married often for strategic reasons; they selected wives to interbreed with and to regenerate their royal bloodlines with diverse but recognized “original strains” from pure Mesopotamian Dragon dynasties. 2

This thereby perpetuated the patrilineal descent of the pharaohs, while heightening the matriarchal bloodlines in the subsequent generations. Pharaohs commonly married their half- sisters born of different mothers to progress the dynastic lines. Pharonic dynasties, although kingships generally reigned through patrilineal descent (Dragons/Ravens), conversely perpetuated their dynasties through female matriarchy (Fairies/Owls). Daughters of Dragon kings with pure matriarchal Dragon blood were wedded to kings to propagate new Fairy dynasties. 3 For these reasons, then, matriarchal bloodlines descending from Mary Magdalene, Scota, Temar, Miriam, Bashemath, Lilith, and Isis/Gaea have been meticulously documented through the millennia by dedicated, spurious chronologists.