Chapter 86: Joseph

section7-chap86Joseph was a vizier of Egypt and guardian to Pharaoh’s children, but Joseph was not the physical parent spawning Egyptian kings, as disingenuous polytheists would have you believe.

Now Tuya, also identified as Touiou, wife of Joseph/Yuya, held the title “Asenath,” which was Egyptian for “belonging to the goddess Neith.” 8 She was a daughter of Potiphera, who Pharaoh gave to Joseph as a wife, and she was one of the mothers to the twelve tribes of Israel, but the Bible says nothing more about Asenath. 9 Lorraine Evans states that Tuya was daughter of Tiye, the wife of Amenhotep III, and she was a priestess of the god Min in the Delta region. 10

According to Jewish legend, Potiphar/Potiphera, the Egyptian official Joseph was sold to, adopted Asenath/Tuya, as Asenath/Tuya’s original parents, Dinah and Hamor, had abandoned her. 11 Conversely, the Bible recorded Joseph’s wife, Asenath, as the daughter of a priest of Heliopolis, also recorded as On, 12 the home of the infamous Great White Brotherhood. On was the city where Potiphar was trained to be a priest. 13

Potiphar was the high Egyptian official of Pharaoh who purchased Joseph as a slave from the Midianites, 14 thereby placing Joseph and Tuya/Asenath in the same house, at the same approximate time. Strangely, Potiphar did not consider Joseph a mere slave, inexplicably sending him to be trained in the arts (Seven Sacred Sciences, likely at On, where Potiphar resided). Potiphar’s wife, Zuleika is also recorded in legend as having firmly believed the stars foretold Joseph would marry into her family, through her daughter, Asenath, 15 which is likely where the rumors of the Armana dynasty and Joseph began. By all relevant accounts, it seems likely that Tuya/Asenath and Joseph/Yuya were the same historical figures, but they were not physical parents to the famous Armana dynasty, but rather adoptive parents or guardians, just as Scripture has accurately recorded.

Similarly, Gardner surprisingly added that Tuya/Asenath was the granddaughter of Tuthmusis III, just as Evans recorded Tuya was the daughter of Amenhotep III, the founder of the White Brotherhood of the Therapeutate of Heliopolis. Tuthmusis III and Amenhotep III are one and the same Pharaoh, with each name merely denoting a different title. Tuthmusis III brilliantly reorganized the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt (and Nimrod); he then founded the Great White Brotherhood of the Master Craftsman, and it was this mystically dominated, pharonic Dragon Court of Egypt that provided for the priestly Pursuits of Thoth, 16 which apparently Moses and Aaron were educated at. Tuthmusis III originally founded this new order in Heliopolis. 17