Chapter 87: Abraham, Esau, And Ishmael

section7-chap87In Theosophist history, Esau married the Egyptian Bashemath, 6 the daughter of Ishmael, who was half- brother to Isaac through Abraham and Hagar, 7 thus identifying the source of Dragon blood in Theosophist lore to Esau and the Edomites’ royal descendants. This was likely the genesis and then the motivation for the formation of the Great Amalekite Nation discussed previously in this book, which joined the descendants of Esau with the Horites and Hittites. Horites and Hittites were Nephilim that curiously and continuously conjugated with Edomites, along with Royal Egyptian Dragon bloodlines. It would have been Amalek, grandson of Esau, who would then have officially inherited the unified Dragon title.

The Bible, however, does not totally agree with this scenario of Esau and his wives. Scripture records Esau married two wives when he was forty. He married Judith, daughter of Beerie the Hittite (Nephilim), as well as Basemath, the daughter of Elon the Hittite (Nephilim) (Gen. 26:34). Scripture also records Basemath as the daughter of Ishmael and sister of Nebaoith (Gen. 36:1–5). Nebaoith was the firstborn of Ishmael (Gen. 25:13). Perhaps Elon was yet another wife of Ishmael, for Ishmael was married to Mahalath.

Scripture also records that Esau married Adah the Canaanite, the daughter of Elon the Hittite, suggesting that Adah was the Hittite and not Basemath; although, Hittites dwelled among Canaanites, and so both may have been considered Canaanite, Hittite, and Nephilim. Scripture further records Esau married the Horite Ohilibamah and the daughter of the Horite/Nephilim Chief Anah, son of the Nephilim Zibeon (Gen. 36:1). Therefore, Esau would have begun new Israelite and Dragon dynasties through marrying Egyptian, Horite, and Hittite branches of matriarchal royalty.

The Great Amalekite Nation was the union of the matrilineal Amalekite/ Horite/Hittite Dragon Court of Nephilim and Egyptian matriarchal Dragon blood to the scriptural royal lineage through the intermarriages with Esau with Bashemath, Ohilibamah, Adah, and Anah. This was yet just another reason the Israelites were commissioned to eradicate this tripartite Dragon Court that was both mysteriously and uniquely pure. All these mysteriously pure and previously unexplained bloodlines rested within the Royal Houses of the Amalekites, which further held alternative royal, messianic bloodlines from Abraham through Esau and from Abraham to Hagar and Ishmael, to Basemath, Mahalath, and Igrath.

The Bible records Hagar, grandmother of Bashemath, as the Egyptian maidservant to Abraham’s wife Sarah. 8 The Theosophist discourse lists Hagar as a daughter of Pharaoh, Sensuret I, whom we will discuss later— a Pharaoh that descended from Nimrod. 9 Biblical legends further support this notion that Pharaoh gave Sarah his daughter Hagar as a maidservant, for he preferred this to Hagar becoming just another mistress in another harem. 10 Hagar bore Abraham a son, Ishmael.