Chapter 9: Antediluvian Masonry And The Seven Sacred Sciences

genesis6-section1-chap9According to the Craft Legends, one must conclude that all the pantheistic religions grew out of the spurious form of masonry, either from the Chaldeans or the Egyptians. Furthermore, the religious doctrine of all the pantheistic religions is essentially the same. Alford wrote concerning the Mysteries of Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome, which were believed all to be founded on the same sun god allegories 30 (from Enoch the Evil’s sun worshipping mysticism).

Included in the spurious Masonry honor role, although modern Masons view them as pure Masons, are the Chaldeans, Magi, soothsayers, and astrologers of Babylon. The spurious honor roll further includes the priests of Egypt, the Greek and Roman philosophers, the Brahmins and the gymnosophists of India, and the Druids and bards of both Briton and Gaul. Modern Masons attribute the great discoveries in astronomy, chemistry, and mechanics to these various religious groups, due to their disciplines in the alleged pure science. 31 This esteemed list of numinous curators co- opted their corrupted knowledge to spin off all the pantheistic religions and spurious sciences of times past and present, inclusive of the alchemy influence, an offshoot of masonry, which adopted Hermes as its patron saint.

So how does the founding of polytheist religions relate to modern masonry? Well, Dr. Oliver stated that modern masonry is a relic of the idolatrous Mysteries. Modern German, British, and French scholars traced masonry back to the mysteries of paganism, finding it was polluted with idolatry. Modern masonry derived its murky initiation ceremonies from pagan mysticism. It is nothing more than an Egyptian religion. 32 And finally, as you will recall, modern Freemasonry is not based in architecture or geometry, but it is immersed in the moral and spiritual tenets and ceremonial rituals.

Modern Freemasonry is not just a benevolent, philosophical movement. It is not merely a benign institution, where members are taught to develop their character and altruistic instincts through a series of catechisms and ritual dramas. 33 Quite frankly, Freemasonry is the very same ghostly belief system that caused the deluge. It is the same shadowy Snake Brotherhood that will once more bring about global catastrophe, only this time by fire, at Armageddon.