Chapter 91: The Antediluvian Dragon Court

section7-chap91Blending the Cainite partnership back into the fold, understand the Royal Dragon/Grail/Rex Deus bloodline was rooted in royal lineages directly traceable to their spurious, antediluvian cofounders, the gods/Anunnaki/ Nephilim/Cainites that are active to this day, according to Marrs. 30 Lady/ Mother Earth, Ninkhursag (Gaea, Isis, daughters of Cain), was the matriarchal source and mother to the mighty men of old, just as Genesis 6 states dark angels copulated with the daughters of men. In this sense, these females were referred to with the title of the “Dragon queen of Life.” 31

Ninkhursag inherited this title from her mother, Ki, The Dragon queen of the Earth, who inherited her title from her mother, Kishar, the Dragon queen, who ultimately inherited her title from the infamous Tiamet, the Dragon queen of the Anunnaki gods. 32 It is with Tiamet that the origin of the Dragon queens is thought to have originated, 33 for it was Tiamet, the female Leviathan, the angel of the sea, who rebelled at the Creation of the earth. Thus, “Mother Earth” is figurative for Tiamet and the female Leviathan and, of course, primordial rebellion.

From the patriarchal perspective, the mighty men of Sumerian lore that formed the Ring of Kingship and government were all anointed into antediluvian kingship that descended to the earth from the fallen angels. 34 The mythical rings of the Ring tradition date back to 4000 B.C.E. as the primary device of the Anunnaki gods, who originally established earthly kingship. To this end, the great Sumerian god Anu first held the title “Lord of the Rings.” 35 The Theosophist holy bloodline, the Dragon Court, the Ring and fairy culture, is (allegedly) traceable to Nephilim bloodlines and is supported as such by Rex Deus and Theosophist chronologists. The Genesis 6 conspiracy is not designed specifically, but rather more by coincidence, to place an alleged descendant of Jesus on Jesus’ rightful throne.

Fairy culture was merely allegorical innovation, encoded history chronicling the matriarchal predicament of the alleged true royal family of the Ring Lords. Fairies and elves were exiled in a seemingly Otherworld/Netherworld existence, known in Grail lore as King Arthur’s Annwyn and likely the Greek Tartarus. Fairies are the exiled Shining Ones, whose postdiluvian royal bloodline began with the Royal Scythian Anunnaki, the original Ring Lords. 36