Chapter 92: Adam And Cain

section7-chap92Enki took two wives, Damicina and his half- sister Ninkhursag, authenticating the origin to the pharonic tradition of marrying their half- sisters. Gardner cites Ninkhursag as the ultimate Lady of Life and the true beginning to the matriarchal branch of the Sangreal, in equal partnership with Enki, the source of the patriarchal Sangreal, as well as being the true genesis to the Grail kings through Cain. 7 Ninkhursag was referred to in the Kur- Sag Epic specifically as the “Serpent Lady,” denoting her, according to Gardner, as the prevailing Grail (Ring) Queen. 8 Enki, in some legends, poured his semen into the womb of Ninkhursag, thereby initiating the creation of the Anunnaki/ Nephilim. 9

In addition, Enki was the god that anointed Adama, the Atabba, in the King’s List and the first royal messiah, meaning “the anointed one.” It was from this anointing of Adama that all Dragon kings are then symbolically a form of messiah after the ways of Adam. Fisher Kings from the time of Adam were deemed to retain the supreme prowess of the sacred crocodile, the kingly aptitude of the messianic Dragon, just as ancient Egyptian records memorialized the pharaoh kings.

Although Adam was the first Fisher King of the Dragon Court, he was not the only one. Adam was merely a prototype. He was not the true and root progenitor of the kingly bloodline that descended to Cain and his descendants, for this involved Eve and not Adam. 10 Therefore, Seth and his descendants were created through Adam and Eve as a lower level of life form, mundane mortals created for toil, like the Black Heads, while Cain was then created through Eve and an outside force specifically to engender the Dragon bloodline.

Cain was the originating root for the kingly Dragon bloodline manifested in hunter/warrior kings; although, Adam still remained the originating allegorical root of the Fisher King, manifested in peaceful, priestly kings of the people. From this perspective, Christian and Theosophist doctrines agree: Seth, the biblical son of Adam, was the father of the mundane human race, 11 but somehow Cain was the originating archetype for the giants, the purported bastard son to Eve and an alternative patriarch other than Adam.

In this alternative, revisionist Genesis, Cain was not the son of Adam but the son of Eve via his (alleged) father, Enki/Satan; 12 although, some versions uphold that Cain was the offspring of Enki and Lilith. 13 All this, of course, is perfectly consistent with Nephilim creation myths, where angels procreated with daughters of men (Eve) to produce giants.