Chapter 93: Lilith

section7-chap93Theosophists have substituted Eve for Lilith in their bent genealogy. In the same figurative sense, Lilith was, in truth, the original goddess Ninkhursag/Gaea/Isis of the Cainites that produced the first race antediluvian giants. The daughters of Eve, then, became the metaphorical Mother Earth, Isis, Gaea, and so forth for the second race of giants. Remember, in this dimension, angels can choose their gender and produce other gods.

Lilith, too, was likened in lore to a Serpent or Dragon. Once more, and not coincidently, Lilith held the matrilineal inheritance to the kingdom of Malkhut, the sovereignty of the Dragon Court, as well as the reigns to the kingdom of the Dragon Court, 3 through her daughter Lulwa- Lilith, who married Cain. Lilith was officially known in royal genealogies as the “Beautiful Dragon queen of the Anunnaki.” Queens of the Dragon Court, the Owl queens, were likened to lilies, lotus flowers, which spawned names such as Lilith, Lily, Lulawa, and Lillet, which appear in Grail, Ring, Dragon, and Fairy culture. Lilith has been captured in many depictions from antiquity holding the famous rings of the Ring Lords, the Anunnaki kings. She is close to the source of the originating matriarchal elven bloodline that descended down to Bashemath, Miriam, Mary Magdalene, 4 Temar, Sarah, and Scota, to name just a few.

The Lily mythos produced the family name “du Lac” of Arthurian lore, as in Lancelot du Lac, “of the Lake,” and the Ladies of the Lake. Alongside this, the Grail dynasty was alternatively renowned as the House del Acqs, which translates as “of the waters” (Tiamet), from where the queenly tradition of the Ladies of the Lake derived. The del Acqs’s matriarchal line was directly descended from Mary Magdalene, explaining the Priory’s Legomin fascination with the Lily. Acqs in Latin, was acquae , meaning “water,” while Mary Magdalene was celebrated as “the Mistress of the Water.” It is from Mary’s House that all the Ladies of Water, Lakes, Fountains, and Arthur relate back to in Grail lore, for Mary’s direct, purported, maternal descendant was Vivian of Avalon, mother of Lancelot.

Conversely, Hebrew tradition labeled Lilith a Lamia, a blood- sucking demon (vampire) of Greek mythology that flew at night like a screech owl, 5 reminiscent of a passage from Isaiah 34:13–17 concerning the screech owls of Edom/Esau.