Chapter 95: The Fairy Lords Of The Tuatha Denaan

section8-chap95Eason writes that fairies are always regarded in angelic or demonic terms: good fairies like the Tooth Fairy or evil, such as trolls and goblins. This, of course, is no coincidence. All Celtic cultures believe original (heavenly) fairies were fallen angels driven from heaven along with Lucifer and that they are the dark angels not committed to the Abyss. 21

Earthborn fairies were not like Tolkien (or Narnia) elves or fairies; nor were they similar to elves portrayed in fairy tales. Earthborn fairies were much larger and more powerful beings. 22 Narnian and Tolkien literature reflect the antediluvian age when humans dwelled with dragons; giants; centaurs; fairies; and mermaids, alongside other, smaller humanoids, like dwarves, nymphs, sylphs, and unicorns. 23 Therefore, semidivine shining beings were nothing more than the ruddy offspring of the heavenly fairies/angels. It is thought that the Roman Church originally and purposefully degraded the legacy of Tuatha Denaan, designating them the Little Ones of mythology. 24 Gnostics readily accepted and embedded this misdirection into their arcane symbolism for Fairy/Grail/Ring literature, liberally sprinkling Tuatha with the little beings of antiquity. Thus, dark angels with wings were shrunk figuratively to miniature fairies with wings.

This belittling of the fairies by the Catholic Church may hold merit, but there is another, more complete resolution to the giant and dwarf paradox. Evens- Wentz’s research concludes Celtic cultures held four distinct classes of fairies: angels, demons, elementals, and shades. Angels were parallel gods to the ancients, equivalent to the (heavenly) Tuatha Denaan. Fairy demons were thought to be fallen angels, but as we have learned, demons are the spirits of immortal Nephilim offspring of fallen angels, whose bodies died. The shades were ghosts and souls of the dead and the demon spirits haunting and roaming the earth, for they were not permitted to enter heaven and were banned to the earth. The fourth class was the elementals , who were obscure, distinct, spurious, subhuman beings lost to secular history that possessed a mysterious pygmy stature.25

Elemental pygmies are the notorious elves, fairies, trolls, goblins, and other similar creatures— and, of course, the infamous, unexplained aliens. These subhuman nature spirits of pygmy stature also fall into another three distinct classifications: gnomes, leprechauns, and the little people. 26 Elementals are clearly another reprobate form of being: refugees from the flood utilizing Sidhes portals (with alien flying saucers) from the Otherworld and employed to serve dark angels. Hence, elementals are indeed the greys posing as contemporary aliens but are reprobate beings serving the objectives of the rebellion and the destruction of humankind.