Chapter 97: The Antediluvian Testimony

section8-chap97According to Hall, Freemasonry conceals within this elite band of initiated minds a primeval worship, which began at the onset of written history.1

Freemasons adopted the Templar belief that they were inheritors of an ancient knowledge dating back to Atlantis. 2 They also built upon the traditions, rituals, and knowledge they inherited from Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. 3 Atlantean knowledge was purportedly passed down through Nimrod and Hermes at Babel to the White Brotherhood of Tutmosis III through Akenhaten/Moses to David, Solomon, the Essenes, and the Greek Mystery Schools sponsored by Pythagorus. They were then received by Rex Deus organizations that included the Knights Templar, Priory of Sion, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and of course, their assorted genitive organizations. Freemasons evidently believe they are the chosen inheritors of the Brotherhood of the Snake through Enoch’s hieroglyphics and Mystery Schools, which have preserved spurious knowledge from the beginning.

The Pillars of Lamech, containing inscriptions that detail the seven spurious sciences and remembered as the Archives of the Masons, 4 have been protected within the inner circle of Freemasonry. 5 The overriding message in Freemasonry rituals and allegories is that Freemasonry derived from an ancient source transferred down through history, first by Israel, then the Jews, then Jesus and his brother James/Joseph of Arimathea, and then the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. 6 The Illuminated concede Cain and his rebellious descendants vigorously practiced Masonry and that they collected this knowledge, enshrining it as the Seven Sacred or Liberal Sciences and the knowledge of both good and evil.

One of the key, inner secrets of Freemasonry is the organization’s self- admitted awareness of prehistoric Snake gods and their (unexplained) loyalty to these Snake gods who willed their spurious knowledge to certain individuals 7 that was then passed down through anointed Mystery Schools 8 (Snake Brotherhoods) that originated with Enoch the Evil. Alchemists (and thus Rosicrucians), too, believe in the same fallen (Snake) Aeons, calling them “The Invisible Ones” (spirit guides). These Aeons, according to Wilson, are once more making themselves known as they await the imminent emergence of the New Atlantis. 9 Aeons are, in truth, the very same Avatars, fallen angels, demons, gray fairies/aliens that Rosicrucians and Rex Deus Elders are counseled by.