Chapter 4. Demons, Devils, and Unclean Spirits

The principalities/arkhay’ group of angelic beings holds clues to the distinct demonic spirit, which was embedded into its meaning defined as: in the beginning, leaders, rulers, magistracy, powers, and as the “magistracy of angels and demons.” Note how angels are defined as distinct from demons in the definition. Magistracy is understood as a position of dignity, but a lower position in the government or hierarchy. The meaning of “principality,” with all its various meanings, opens the door to comprehending demons as distinct beings from angel, a lower branch of terrible creatures who report to specific orders of fallen angels, and a distinct spirit from humans.

The difficulty in discerning who and what demons are in English-speaking nations stems from an ongoing English translation issue. In translating Scripture into English from the original Hebrew and Greek, translators in error—or possibly purposefully—conflated and confused demonic spirits and unclean spirits with other angelic beings, and the devil, Satan, in their translations. Thus, unclean spirits documented in the Old and New Testaments are a good place to begin revealing demons’ distinct lower-level and rebellious deity-like entities. The book of Zechariah details an end-time prophecy for Israel and Judah that will occur as the millennial reign of Jesus begins—after second exodus and after Armageddon. This is a prophesied time when idols will be cast out of the Covenant Land, a time when unclean spirits will pass out of the land at God’s command. “Spirit” in the Old Testament derives from ruwach, a word that also has many applications: the Spirit of God; the spirit of humans; the spirit of animals; the spirit of angels; the spirit of a disembodied beings; breath, wind, mind. Note the disembodied beings as a definition.

The question then becomes: Is the book of Zechariah referring to a fallen angel spirit when it cites an unclean spirit? A fallen angel or a demon qualifies as an unclean/tum’a spirit, noting that unclean is defined as impure, polluted, corrupted, defiled sexually, defiled ritually defiled, and defiled in a moral sense.

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