Chapter 7. The Habitation of Angels, Humans, and Demons

Home Excerpts from The Genesis 6 Conspiracy Part II Section 1. Giants, Demons, and Angels Chapter 7. The Habitation of Angels, Humans, and Demons

Canaanite nations were well acquainted with the gods who created Rephaim after the flood, the infamous offspring gods biblically authenticated as the Baalim led by Baal, son of El. Like the Rephaim, Canaanites worshipped the Baalim gods of Mount Hermon. Knowing this provides context for many of the details documented in Sodom and Gomorrah narrative.

Lot greeted and bowed before two angels/mal’ak who went to Sodom. Lot recognized them as angels, noting that two angels accompanied the “Lord” in Genesis 18 in bodily form when Abraham was informed that Sodom and its four sister cities were about to be destroyed—angels described as men/‘enowsh who ate and interacted with Abraham and Sarah. The two angels in human bodily form thereafter went to Sodom to inspect their crimes, and to search for any innocent people. The two angels sent to Sodom that Lot bowed to in Genesis 19 were described as men—physical men, not spirit. Even so, both Lot and the Sodomites still recognized them to as angelic beings in human form. In fact, Sodomites understood the two men/angels came from God to judge/shaphat: condemn, punish, and to execute judgment upon the inhabitants of Sodom. Moreover, the Sodomites understood the two as angelic spirits dwelling in human bodies. Yet the Sodomites still wished to “know them”—to have sex with the angels—and in the same manner Lot offered his daughters to the Sodomites in the angel’s stead—daughters who had yet to know a man.

Questions arise from the Sodomite demands. Did the Sodomites wish to have sex with the angels in a homosexual way, or did they understand angels could take a physical form of their choosing that included gender? Genesis 19:4 notes both the men, and all the people young and old, came to Lot’s house. Did the Sodomites want the angels to take a female form to create more pure-bred Rephaim? Or did the Sodomites intend for the angels to create Rephaim with the daughters of Sodom?

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