Chapter 14. Second and Third Hierarchies of Angels

We can not use the groupings of angels as they were translated in into English in the New Testament to establish the hierarchy, but perhaps we can from the original Greek. One can note the various orders of angels as they were recorded in Greek, the meanings, and descriptions of those orders, and then connect them to other passages to establish their rankings within the hierarchy and to whom these orders report to.

Such is the case for dominion/lordships that derives from Greek kooreeot’ace meaning rulers, government, a sovereign, and one who possesses dominion, which in turn derives from koo’reeos meaningsupreme in authority. Seemingly, dominions command nations or lands; angels who report up the hierarchy to one of the orders in the First Hierarchy. Kooreeot’ace is only translated as dominion(s) and government. According to Dionysius, dominions are lords aspiring to true lordship. Lordships/Katakooreeyoo’o does surface in the Bible, meaning lords and exercising lordships and dominion over, and perhaps where Dionysius pulled his alternative name for dominions. One deduces the dominions/lordships are involved with the thrones and government on earth with the angelic offspring. As used in the book of Daniel, a dominion is a realm or empire in heaven and on earth as with King Nebuchadnezzar’s beast empire….

In New Testament passages, kooreeot’ace is used in a narrative with those who defile the flesh and are also those who despise the (holy) dominions, the government of God in heaven, and speak evil toward God ways and heaven, as brute beasts. The passage in the book of Jude is a reference to angelic offspring and many humans whose spirits are like brute beasts and devilish/daheemoneeo’ as in demon-like (James 3:14–15). The beast like and demon-like spirits include the royal dynasties, their beast empires, Antichrist, polytheistic religions on earth, and those who will take the mark of the beast; all who slander God for fallen angels, even though angels are careful not do so.

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